Warehouse Fire Protection Based On Size And Product

Jun 6, 2023 | Fire Protection Services

According to one of the recent studies, the U.S. fire departments respond to over 1,200 warehouse fires annually. Most of the fires are caused by heating or electrical equipment, and many of them also cause the loss of life. The presence of sprinkler systems in warehouses helps reduce the number of civilian deaths by almost 61% per 1,000 warehouse fires.

If you own a warehouse, you need a proper warehouse fire prevention strategy that addresses your unique needs. Team up with our commercial fire protection company in Delaware County to develop a strategy that takes into consideration the building’s specifications, the size of your warehouse, and the product.

In order to develop an effective strategy, here is what you should do: 

Assess Your Warehouse 

The factors that you should take into consideration include the size of the warehouse, potential fire hazards, and the layout. Make sure to identify the areas that have high fire risks. These are the areas with insufficient ventilation, flammable materials, and heating or electrical equipment.

Get Familiar With The Codes And Regulations

It is important to know the fire codes and regulations that apply to your warehouse. You need to make sure that these codes and regulations are being followed in your warehouse.

Install Fire Detection Systems

These systems include fire alarms, smoke detectors, and heat detectors. It is important to understand that without these systems, a warehouse fire can quickly escalate into a catastrophic event that will cause serious damage. It is also recommended to have a quality automatic sprinkler system that will be able to suppress a fire in case of emergency.

Use Safe Storage Practices

You need to store your products in the warehouse in a way that minimizes the risk of fires. For example, according to the general rule, you should not stack unused pallets more than six feet in height. Also, you should not maintain storage higher than 18 inches below sprinkler head detectors.

Get In Contact With Local Authorities

You should also communicate with local fire departments and ask them to review your fire prevention strategy and give you feedback. They will help you understand what you are doing wrong and how effective your strategy is.

Keystone Fire and Security 

If you are looking for a reliable fire protection company that will help you with fire protection solutions for your warehouse, Keystone Fire and Security is here for you. Our company specializes in fire suppression systems in South Jersey and works with different commercial clients by helping them to find the right fire protection solutions for their warehouses and other commercial properties. If you have any questions or you want to know more about our services, do not hesitate to reach out to us.


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