Automated License Plate Recognition 

Identify Vehicles of Interest Effortlessly

Keystone’s advanced Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) solutions extend security beyond the walls of your facility, increase parking compliance, recover stolen vehicles, and automate vehicle access control.  ALPR is ideal for a variety of entities including:

  • Parking Authorities
  • Universities
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Commercial Organizations

Enforce Parking Regulations

Increase Revenue


Locate Vehicles of Interest Automatically

Increase Operator Efficiency


Heighten Accuracy

Resolve Investigations Faster & Easier

Parking Enforcement

Automate and enhance parking enforcement and increase parking compliance. AutoVu License Plate Recognition from Genetec automatically captures license plates to verify parking permits, permit access for authorized vehicles, and assist in identifying time limit violations.

Protect Your Community

Apprehend more suspects, recover stolen vehicles and manage all of your hotlists from one system.  ALPR data can be shared with multiple entities across your city or region. Genetec’s high-speed performance and industry-leading accuracy allow for greater license plate capture than competing equipment.

Extend Your Security

Know who is on your site long before they are at your front door.  ALPR can automatically identify and track vehicles entering your property. Unified with video surveillance and access control, the system expands the reach of your security platform to the very edges of your facility.

Consistent high accuracy reads

SharpV: Affordable, Highly Precise and Easy to Install

The AutoVu SharpV is an all-in-one specialized automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) device which combines two high-definition cameras with onboard processing and illumination in a ruggedized, environmentally sealed unit. 

SharpX: The Smallest High-Resolution ALPR Camera

Read plates at any time of day and at high speeds with AutoVu SharpX cameras. These cameras combine with a local processing unit to provide high-accuracy reads and analytics accessible in-vehicle for mobile applications. 

Hey Buddy, Got a Quarter For The Meter?

ALPR systems, more so than any other security system, help you realize maximum return on investment. It’s not uncommon for the equipment to pay for itself in less than a year through the generation and enforcement of fines and solved crimes. Contact Keystone to find out more about Genetec’s License Plate Recognition solutions.