Fire Protection Systems Tailored To your needs

Industrial and commercial settings are dynamic and often hazardous environments. Protecting an array of assets, processes, and hazards requires custom-tailored fire protection solutions using the industry’s most advanced detection, alarm, and extinguishing equipment.  And we will install your industrial, warehouse, or commercial fire protection system with minumum disruption to your people and processes.

Fire Sprinkler

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Sprinkler systems are the most effective way of protecting your building from the ravages of fire. To protect a school, retail store, restaurant, factory, hospital, or warehouse, let Keystone design, install, inspect, and maintain your sprinkler system using one of these proven technologies:

Wet Sprinkler                    Dry Sprinkler

Pre-Action Systems         Deluge Systems

Foam Systems                  Fire Pumps

Backflow Preventors       Standpipes

Fire Detection & Alarm

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Not all building environments are created equal. Commercial buildings present a variety of fire detection challenges and the system provider you select must understand how to address those challenges in one cost-effective solution.

Keystone has experience across a range of industries from healthcare settings, to universities, warehouses, and manufacturing environments. We use trusted brands to protect our clients and their property.

Notifier™ Systems           Air Sampling Systems

Wireless Detection         Gas & CO Detectors


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There are certain things that just can’t get wet – electrically energized equipment, priceless artwork, burning oil and grease. Where water would cause more damage than fire, Keystone offers a variety of waterless extinguishing solutions to protect your special hazards.

We can plan and install faster because we have a depth of experience and an even deeper bench of trained professionals. Keystone is the area’s oldest and most knowledgeable fire suppression contractor. Let’s find the right system for your valuable asset(s):

Clean Agent                            Carbon Dioxide

Wet Chemical Kitchens        Dry Chemical Industrial

Micro-Environment Systems

Extinguishers & Safety Equipment

Keystone covers your commercial fire extinguisher needs with inspection, testing, service, and recharging – most times right at your facility!  >> Learn More

Keystone offers thousands of products and services designed to reduce the risk of damage from workplace fires. Our expert staff can assist you in finding the right products to help protect your employees and company as a whole.  >> Learn More



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Since 1956, Keystone Fire Protection Co. has been an established supplier to the U.S. Government. We deliver fire protection equipment and services to government agencies and the military in accordance with military and OEM specifications. Requirements include drawings, Q&A inspections, administration services, and product packaging and labeling.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers

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Will first responders be able to communicate in your building? Today’s building and fire codes require adequate Emergency Responder Radio Coverage.

Keystone’s FCC Certified and General Radiotelephone Operators Licensed (GROL) technicians can identify the ‘dead zones’ when they survey your building to assess radio signal strength.


We will install your industrial, warehouse, or commercial fire protection system with minimum disruption to your people and processes.  Keystone protects all facilities and properties – business, municipal, and industrial – with a full range of fire protection services and life safety solutions. We will work with you to ensure your project is completed – on time and on budget.

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