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Commercial Grade Fire Extinguishers


Keystone sells commercial grade fire extinguishers that compliment your life safety systems. They not only function to extinguish small fires, but they also serve a vital role in helping you safely egress from a burning building.

Keystone offers inspection, testing, service, and recharging of all classes and sizes of fire extinguisher. Had a fire? We can recharge most extinguishers right at your facility! We also offer fire extinguisher training, both in the classroom and with a live burn, so you and your employees know how to properly use an extinguisher in case of emergency.

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Stored Pressure

Stored pressure fire extinguishers are the most common type and can be easily recognized because of the presence of a pressure gauge located on the valve. As the name suggests, the propellant – which is typically nitrogen or compressed air – is stored together with the agent in the cylinder. When the valve is operated, the contents can be discharged on the fire.

Stored pressure units typically require an internal examination and hydrostatic testing at specific intervals. A variety of agents can be used in stored pressure fire extinguishers, including dry chemical powder, water, Halogenated streaming agents like Halon 1211, FE-36, and Halotron, as well as wetting agents.

keystone fire cartridge extinguisher


This type of fire extinguisher contains the propellant – typically CO2 or nitrogen – in a separate cartridge that is punctured just prior to operation, which discharges the extinguishing agent. Cartridge operated extinguishers are renowned for their ability to discharge agent at distances greater than comparable stored pressure units and have become the preferred extinguisher of professionals at industrial settings like utilities and petrochemical plants.

Cartridge operated fire extinguishers require a hydrostatic test every 12 years. Common agents used in these extinguishers include ABC, BC, and Purple K dry chemical powders, as well as some class D agents for metal fires.


Self-expelling extinguishers are more commonly known as CO2 fire extinguishers, so named because the agent acts as its own source of pressure in the cylinder. CO2 exists at over 700 psi at room temperature. Other extinguishers typically require nitrogen or some other compressed gas to expel the agent, but CO2 is a high-pressure liquid which quickly flashes to vapor when released through the nozzle of the extinguisher.

CO2 extinguishers do not have a gauge and require hydrostatic testing every five years. They are effective on flammable liquid fires and electrical fire hazards. They are ideally suited for indoor applications where sensitive equipment or processes require a clean extinguishing agent. CO2 does not leave a residue.

keystone handheld fire extinguishers
keystone wheeled fire extinguishers


Wheeled fire extinguishers, or wheeled units as they are known, are large capacity fire extinguishers. Unlike their counterparts, they require wheels to move and reposition the unit. They come in one of two configurations – stored pressure or cartridge operated.

Wheeled units are most commonly found at airports, helipads, parking facilities, and construction sites where more agent capacity is necessary. Their capacity ranges in size from 50 lbs to as much as 350 lbs of agent. Common agents used in these extinguishers include ABC, BC, and Purple K dry chemical powders, Halogenated agents, CO2, and class D agents for metal fires.

keystone wheeled fire extinguishers

Five classes of Fire

For each class of fire, there is a fire extinguisher type suitable for the specific fuel, heat source, and chain reaction.


Below you will find a helpful chart to assist in identifying which type of extinguisher is most appropriate for your facility or application. Keystone carries all of the extinguishers you see here and more. We offer inspection, testing, service, and recharging of all classes and sizes. Our Life Safety Advisors are ready to assist with any questions on how to protect your business from fire. 

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Commercial grade fire extinguishers are only as good as the service and maintenance you provide for them. Keystone offers the services you need to keep your extinguishers compliant and in operating condition. This includes hydrostatic testing, six-year maintenance, inspection, and loaner service. And we can recharge most units right at your facility.

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