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Keystone Fire Protection Alarm Technician Randy talks about the challenges of inspection and testing on the Army Corp of Engineers Dredge McFarland docked in Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania. Keystone inspected and tested CO2 systems, alarm systems (including an installation of a new Notifier panel), kitchen systems, and fire extinguishers.

Keystone Vice President of Alarm & Detection, Jim Arizini discusses the challenges and successes of the completely wireless alarm system installed at the Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge National Historic Park. Notifier by Honeywell’s SWIFT alarm system technology allowed the Keystone team to protect the integrity of this historic site while bringing its fire protection up to code.

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Read the NOTIFIER by Honeywell Case Study regarding our project with the Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge National Park.

On Third and Pine Streets in Philadelphia, Keystone Fire Protection Co. installed a fire alarm system with air sampling at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.  The air sampling system chosen for the project was FAAST from Notifier.  The key to this job was preserving the historic nature of the building, while penetrating the over 200-year-old curved, plaster lathe ceiling with very small air sampling ports to provide early warning detection. We also had to hide the raceways to maintain the interior aesthetic of the church.

Keystone was trusted with upgrades to the fire alarm system at The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, PA.  The upgrades allow the on site personnel to have eyes on all their buildings, including The Merriam Theater and The Academy of Music, from one location.

Part of the project included installing dual monitors to allow for graphical indication of each individual condition.  This proved to be extremely valuable for The Merriam Theater, as they removed all on site staff during COVID-19.  Being as this is one of the oldest theaters in the country rapid response is critical.

The Academy of Music portion of the project provided a unique situation in which, through Notifier integrated technologies, Keystone was able to monitor a non-Notifier system on a point by point basis and incorporate it into the graphical display of the Onyx workstation.  This capability could be of great value to any business with multiple locations but a single response team.

Photos Courtesy The Kimmel Center

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