The Finest Perimeter Motion Detectors For Your Business

Intrusion detection is one of the best ways to avoid criminal activity from the very start. For those in Allentown, PA, Bethlehem, PA, Easton, PA, anywhere in Lehigh County PA, or the greater Lehigh Valley and beyond, you need intrusion detection systems that you can count on. That’s why you can trust one of the top security companies in PA, Keystone Fire and Security. Keystone offers intrusion detection system installation along with top-notch service. Here’s who we are and how intrusion detection systems can benefit your business.

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What We Do

Keystone has several decades of experience in crafting the top intrusion detection systems tailored to each business that trusts our team with the job. We pride ourselves on being scalable and can easily integrate any existing perimeter detection system into a full security solution that will help deter prospective criminals.

Our security company offers more than just one-time product installation. We think of ourselves as partners in protecting your people and property. We want your business to succeed, so we ensure that all our security systems will help protect lives, assets, and sensitive information.

Minimum operational costs
Maximum security
Prevention of security threats
Easy integration into existing security systems
Adaptability for future security improvements

How Intrusion Detection Services Provide Safety in Allentown PA

Along with being access control specialists in Allentown, PA and experts in video surveillance in Bethlehem, PA, our company has grown to serve a wide array of customers in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, understanding one size does not fit all when it comes to security systems. We know how you can best protect your business and how intrusion detection services should work.

Here are some benefits of including perimeter detection to your business’s security strategy.

1. Immediate Response

Do your business detection systems allow your internal security team or law enforcement – to immediately respond to threats? They may be alerted that something is off, but do they know where to go and what to do? Likely not.

Our intrusion protection includes perimeter motion detectors. When the perimeter motion detectors are triggered, they tell the security force exactly where the movement occurred.

This allows the security team to be immediately dispatched to the correct area, resulting in a greater chance of apprehending the prospective criminals. Additionally, your perimeter detection can be integrated with a video surveillance system; when the motion detector is triggered, a camera will focus on the subject that triggered the system and follow their every move around your facility, even inside your building.

2. Fewer False Alarms

When you choose a security company with less experience, you could risk dealing with faulty intrusion detection systems with plenty of false alarms.

Whether you’re in Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, a smaller town anywhere in Lehigh County PA or the greater Lehigh Valley, you want business detection systems free of false alarms, calibrated to detect only criminal activity or something you perceive as a threat to your business. You don’t want perimeter motion detectors picking up birds or animals.

This wastes your time, your security team’s time, and it could distract from actual criminal activity occurring elsewhere.

Our perimeter detection in Lehigh County PA helps limit the number of false alarms. We ensure that the perimeter motion detectors are installed in such a way that they are used optimally, and you aren’t receiving false alarms in the middle of the night.

Let’s face it – false alarms add unnecessary stress to you and your business. Keystone’s business detection systems take the hassle out of monitoring actual criminal activity, allowing you and your security team an appropriate and timely response.

3. Limit Loss

Many businesses focus solely on security inside their building. What they should be doing is taking a larger, all-encompassing approach by installing security systems outside of their business, too. Intrusion detection systems can stop a criminal before they have a chance reach your front door, so nothing is stolen or damaged.

Besides having motion sensors installed on fences in Allentown PA, it’s also a good idea to have a door monitoring system. Should a criminal or unwanted person breach the perimeter and reach your building, a door monitoring system allows an added layer of security. It helps keep your doors locked tight, but on the off-chance a door is opened, your security will be immediately alerted. The door monitoring system will indicate that a front or back door was opened, but it can also monitor which doors inside your building are accessed, allowing you to see if an intruder is trying to enter an area with high value assets or information. Your security company can help you set up desired outcomes, like locking certain doors if another is opened or other triggered responses.

Besides reinforcing the fence, a door monitoring system for external doors can ensure that criminals are stopped before they enter.

Choose our intrusion detection systems for maximum security and protection.

An effective door monitoring system will create an alert when an intruder has been detected, so that your business property remains safe and secure. At Keystone Fire & Security, we are passionate about ensuring the safety of you and your business, which is why we offer the most advanced door monitoring system for commercial properties. Contact us today for more information!


When you need the best intrusion detection systems, call Keystone. We will help improve your overall safety, reduce false alarms, and help increase security team or law enforcement response time.