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Serving commercial and industrial organizations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Anywhere people work, Keystone keeps them safe

Keystone offers a full range of fire protection services and life safety solutions for commercial and industrial organizations of all sizes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

From system design and installation to inspection and emergency repair, let us show you our expertise in the most important vertical market – yours.

restaurant fire protection
High Temperature Cooking Appliances Present Unique Fire Protection Challenges

Keystone installs and maintains restaurant suppression systems designed specifically to protect the needs of our commercial cooking customers. We track all service anniversaries and remind you of inspection dates, so you can focus on running your business and satisfying the insurance and regulatory requirements that come with owning a restaurant.

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airforce fire protection service

Keystone is a trusted supplier to the U.S. Navy and other branches of the government

We are one of only a few authorized Navy MIL-SPEC fire equipment component suppliers in the entire country. We meet all government quality assurance (QA) packaging and labeling requirements. Our Cage Code number is 1U693. We work closely with NAVSEA, NAVSUP, NAVICP, DLA, and USAF.

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keystone ct scanner room protection

Stay compliant in an ever-changing regulatory environment

Keystone has solutions to the challenges faced by administrators of hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. We help you comply with healthcare regulations promulgated by the Joint Commission for life safety systems.

With Keystone, unobtrusive service is key in the most sensitive patient care environments and false alarms are never an option. We offer billing plans structured around your fiscal requirements to truly make Life Safety Simple.

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High-Value Assets

Mission Critical Protection from Highly Trained Professionals

Where your high value assets are concerned, the fire protection solution must not damage the very things it was designed to protect.

From data storage centers and information networks to production facilities and generating stations, we provide fire protection solutions with the goal of zero downtime.  We coordinate all service visits with minimal process interruption and dispatch only technicians trained at the highest caliber to work in your critical environment.  Mitigate risk – protect your prized possessions, critical information, and mission critical processes with the team you trust.

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Zero Downtime with the Right Extinguishing Technology

Downtime costs a manufacturer lost production, lost profit, and lost customers. When a fire threatens your high-priced equipment, selecting the right technology extinguishes the fire quickly and limits the damage.

A poorly maintained system is a risk to your operation. Keystone’s inspection service identifies issues before they become costly liabilities. We offer unobtrusive service visits and the convenience of after-hours inspection and testing if needed.

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Property Management
property managers looking for fire prevention services
Minimize Tenant Interruptions with Commercial Fire Protection Solutions

We understand that happy tenants are a property manager’s number one asset. Business interruptions such as frequent false alarms and ringing bells can alienate tenants, leading to a loss of rental income and potential vacancies. With this in mind, we coordinate all service visits with minimal interruption while keeping your property code compliant. Our flat-priced multi-year service agreements fix your fire protection maintenance cost to preclude the need for tenant rent escalation.

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Schools & Universities

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A school’s schedule provides limited opportunities throughout the year to install, service, and maintain the life safety systems that protect your children. Most service happens during the summer months, but in times where we must provide service during the school year, we coordinate all visits with minimal interruption to students and staff. Plus, our technicians pass necessary background checks and carry credentials to work in school environments for parents’ peace of mind.

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warehouse - fire protection systems from Keystone Fire Protection


Given the ever-changing storage profile in commercial warehouses, competent fire protection goes beyond preventing hazards such as blocked exits, malfunctioning sprinkler systems, or neglected fire extinguishers. Profitable, safe warehouse or catastrophic financial loss – it’s your choice.

Choose Keystone, the life safety partner with the knowledge to anticipate and mitigate the causes of fires in warehouses.

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Your Pain Stops Here

Keystone represents a broad range of industry segments and market verticals, offering a full range of fire protection services and life safety solutions. We understand the challenges of your specific business segment and we adapt our process to affect hassle-free service and zero downtime.