Fire Protection Company in Delaware County

Are you looking for a commercial fire protection company to help you with fire sprinkler installation, fire alarm inspections, and other commercial or industrial fire protection solutions? Keystone Fire and Security is the fire protection company of choice for businesses in Delaware County and surrounding areas. In fact, we’ve been one of the most trusted fire sprinkler companies in the area for nearly 50 years! And we’re experts in finding the right fire protection solution for your facility.

If you need to install industrial sprinklers in your new construction project, if you need emergency fire sprinkler repair in your assisted living facility, or if you need comprehensive service for the fire alarm systems in your office buildings, we’ve got you covered! We’re one of the best fire protection companies in the Delaware County area. Other fire sprinkler companies may offer service only for sprinkler systems and may not be able to handle the wide variety work that we can at Keystone. Call us when you need a commercial fire protection company who can do it all, including:


  • Fire Alarm Installation
  • Fire Alarm Inspections
  • Fire Alarm Repair
  • Fire Sprinkler Installation
  • Fire Sprinkler Inspection
  • Fire Sprinkler Repair
  • Service Agreements for Commercial or Industrial Sprinklers
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Field Services
  • Professional Services
  • Integrated Security Systems
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Fire Sprinkler Service When You Need It

Other fire protection companies may not be able to provide all these services, but Keystone is well-versed in all commercial and industrial fire protection, so we can be your single solution. We serve Delaware County and surrounding areas, so call us at (610) 363-2233 if you’re looking for fire sprinkler companies in Philadelphia or you need fire alarm repair in Delaware. We make it easy to get in touch with us after normal business hours, too. Just fill out our simple online contact form to find out more about our fire protection services or to get a free quote on fire sprinkler installation, inspection agreements for industrial sprinklers, fire alarm testing, fire extinguisher maintenance, and more! We also offer service bundling, so you don’t have to rely on multiple fire protection companies for your various needs. We can provide all the fire protection services you are looking for, from design and installation to system turnover, inspection, and repair.
Exceptional Fire Alarm Systems

Employee and building occupant safety rely on early-warning detection and fire alarm systems to ensure quick, effective evacuation. Business owners trust the fire protection companies they hire to ensure these systems will work flawlessly in an emergency. Keystone Fire and Security understands the importance of installing the latest fire alarm technology to meet prevailing building codes and industry standards, paired with continued service and maintenance for your peace of mind.

In performing fire alarm inspections, we may come across a necessary fire alarm repair, and we will immediately notify you so you know exactly what work needs to be done to keep your fire alarm system up and running for years to come. We’re more than just another one of the many fire alarm testing companies out there that ring bells and leave the rest up to you; we can help you with other fire protection services, as well. In whatever capacity you need us – as the fire extinguisher technicians, the sprinkler inspection company, or the suppression system installers – we promise to be your partner in life safety and property protection.

Need industrial fire protection? Some fire alarm testing companies won’t take on industrial alarm jobs due to their size and complexity. Keystone is the commercial fire protection company that can perform any job, no matter how big, small, or complicated. Sure, we can handle regular maintenance on fire alarm systems, fire alarm inspections, and fire alarm repair, but if you need a full fire alarm installation – wired or wireless – we have the team for the job.

Contact Us for Fire Sprinkler Installation and Repair

Fire sprinklers are one of the most common types of fire protection systems we install. Because they’re so versatile, these fire sprinkler systems can work in retail stores, restaurants, and many other structures.

Choosing the right type of fire sprinkler system for your facility is key. Would a wet sprinkler system be the right type of protection for your building or do you have special equipment that would require a dry system? What size space are you protecting? In some situations, a foam system may be a better choice than a deluge system. The experts at Marco can evaluate your needs and help you choose the appropriate system to protect your people and property, even specially designing a sprinkler system that is unique to your space.

Once our team installs your sprinkler system, it will need regular maintenance to ensure it stays code compliant. Knowing your system inside and out makes us the perfect team to perform your fire sprinkler inspections and any necessary future fire sprinkler repairs. Some fire sprinkler companies in the Delaware County area aren’t able to provide ongoing maintenance after installation, but Keystone Fire and Security has a team of technicians specially trained to provide continued service. We’ll be there for you any time you need a sprinkler inspection company – we offer 24/7/365 service whether you’re a current customer or a new client in need of emergency repair.

Our mission is to be a partner in your success. That means being your single solution in fire protection, so you never have to wonder when your next inspection is due or if your dated system needs repair. You can trust us to sweat the small stuff, so you never have to.

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Custom Fire Protection Solutions for Your Business

Every life safety industry expert knows one size does not fit all when it comes to quality fire protection, so why settle for solutions or service that don’t meet your unique needs? When you trust Keystone, you never have to settle. Our team provides professional service with a smile, leaving you confident in the reliability of the systems that protect your people and property.