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Fire Protection Services In South Jersey

When you own a business, you want to make sure it is safe from fire.  To protect your property and the people who work there, you need the best fire protection services. You need Keystone Fire and Security.

In addition to providing preventative services like fire alarm testing and fire alarm inspection, we’re the fire protection service provider that can also help you with sprinkler system installation, fire suppression system installation, and more. For 65 years, we have been so much more than a fire alarm company – we’re a life safety provider that has reliably served customers in South Jersey and surrounding areas, taking care of all their fire protection needs.

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fire protection services in south jersey

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We Provide Fire Protection System Installation & Repair in South Jersey

If you’re a business owner in NJ, call us at (888) 641-0100 or send an email to [email protected] to inquire about fire safety services like fire alarm inspection, fire alarm testing, fire sprinkler repair, or to get a free estimate on sprinkler system installation and fire suppression system installation. 

We serve Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, so if you have multiple locations, you can trust us to do it all without having to rely on other fire system inspection companies in the area. We can even provide fire safety training in Philadelphia, NJ, and nearby areas, so let us be the fire protection company to get you up to speed.

Dependable Fire Alarm Testing & inspection in South Jersey

If you want to protect yourself from fires, prevention is key.  That means ensuring all your safety equipment is in good working order.  With fire alarm inspection and testing from Keystone, you can be certain your alarms are going to work when you need them. Fire suppression systems also need regular maintenance to ensure proper operation. Fire suppression system inspection, sprinkler repair, and other fire protection services can give you peace of mind knowing your safety equipment will be there for you in case of fire.

If you need a brand new system, like sprinkler system installation or fire suppression system installation in a new construction building, or you’re upgrading the fire suppression systems in an existing building, our team of experts can help you with that, as well! While some other fire alarm companies may be limited to strictly alarm systems and cannot service the life safety equipment that ties in, Keystone provides a wide range of the best fire safety services under one roof.  No job is too big or too small for us, so give Keystone a call for all those jobs the other fire system inspection companies won’t touch. To us, a small scale sprinkler repair in an office is just as important as a large scale fire suppression system inspection in an industrial facility because your safety is paramount.

Get in touch with us for any of the following fire safety services:

  • Sprinkler repair, installation, and inspection
  • Fire suppression system inspection, repair, and installation
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and service
  • Fire alarm testing, repair, and installation
  • Fire safety training

Keystone Fire and Security is your singular solution for all fire protection services!

Quick & Easy Commercial Sprinkler System Installation

Sprinkler systems are one of the more common fire protection systems we install.  Businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, and industrial facilities all make use of sprinklers because they’re simple, reliable, and easy to install. Once your sprinkler system is installed, it will need regular maintenance and occasional sprinkler repair to ensure a long life of continuous operation.  Fire sprinkler repair is a big part of what we do at Keystone because we know how important it is to not only keep your fire safety systems compliant, but ensure you have uninterrupted protection as fires can break out at any time.  We’re the fire protection service that can install, inspect, and maintain the best types of fire systems for your facility, whether you need standard wet sprinkler systems to large scale industrial fire suppression.  How many fire protection companies in the NJ area can say that?

At Keystone, we feel like we set ourselves apart from other fire alarm companies by giving our customers efficient service that’s performed properly every time.  Your fire protection service will be performed to meet code requirements and our personal high standards, whether it’s a simple fire sprinkler repair or something more complex. We know you have many fire system inspection companies to choose from so we hope you’ll choose the one that many South Jersey business owners rely on for their fire protection services.  We’re one of the best fire protection companies in the NJ area, and we have the experience to get your job done right the first time.

Looking For Fire System Inspections & Installations Near Cherry Hill, NJ?

An in-depth fire system evaluation primes your facility for safety, savings, and compliance. Our specialized fire protection expertise extends to all realms of fire safety. From standard fire extinguisher inspections to full-service sprinkler and suppression system repairs, there’s no system beyond the scope of our credentialed fire protection. 

As a certified inspection company near Cherry Hill, NJ, our professionals will help you organize a proactive inspection schedule to shield your operations from all potential fire hazards. Before an unexpected regulatory inspection or dangerous fire catches you by surprise, our preventative specialists can help you: 

  • Inspect and test alarm systems, sprinklers, suppression systems, extinguishers, detectors, and any other fire-related safety installations.
  • Optimize any outdated installations. Our affordable repair and replacement services are available for all equipment types and for companies in all industries.
  • Prepare for an inspection and have the certified documentation you need for insurance purposes. We back all professional inspections in Cherry Hill with official, itemized documentation.
  • Learn how to operate more safely. Factual client education is a cornerstone of our support at Keystone Fire & Security. We offer practical training that includes everything from fire-safe evacuation procedures to the essentials like proper fire extinguisher and alarm use

Thorough system inspections are only a piece of the fire-protection puzzle. Our solution-oriented services can help your companies seal all gaps in your fire plan, providing your company with a fire-proof infrastructure that saves lives, protects your budget, and improves the reliability of your operations.

Our inspection, repair, and installation services come with free estimates and flexible scheduling. In addition to support for new fire installations and code-compliant inspections, our certified South Jersey team makes it easy to stay ahead of future issues with routine services. Our organized inspectors can track, manage, and schedule all annual fire inspection requirements on your behalf, taking the guesswork out of year-round compliance and fire safety. 

As a NJ business owner, you recognize that there are multiple risks and responsibilities associated with operating a business. One accident at the wrong time could jeopardize everything that you have worked for. Consider the potential consequences if an accidental fire occurred at your business. You may be forced to close your business for an extended period of time, which could jeopardize your income. Keystone Fire & Security is here to protect your business.

For over 60 years, we have offered the best fire protection services in NJ. We help companies take care of their unique fire protection needs. Choose Keystone Fire & Security for reliable fire protection!

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Our headquarters may be across the bridge, but our expertise goes beyond the Pennsylvania border. With technicians in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, we protect all commercial facilities and properties with a full range of fire protection, security, and life safety solutions. When you have a fire protection emergency and need immediate repair, a Keystone technician is never far away and can quickly help.