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Fire Protection Services In Philadelphia, PA

At Keystone Fire Protection Company, we offer Life Safety Protection for Your People and Property, Every Day. It’s a big job and we take it seriously; that’s why we always go above and beyond, providing exceptional service the other fire sprinkler and fire alarm companies just can’t match.  We know that protecting your business is your top priority, which is why we offer a wide range of the best fire detection and fire protection services including fire alarm inspection, fire extinguisher service, fire sprinkler repair, fire suppression systems installation, and more.  We can even assist you with fire safety training so you always know what to do in case of a fire.

One company. One Call.

If you’re looking for fire sprinkler companies in Philadelphia, or maybe you have multiple locations and need fire safety services in NJ, or fire companies in Bucks County, PA, Keystone Fire Protection can help. We serve Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.  Call us at (888) 641-0100  or send an email to [email protected] to inquire about services like fire alarm testing, fire safety training, and fire extinguisher service, or to get a free estimate on fire suppression systems installation or fire sprinkler repair.  Philadelphia area business owners and facility managers have trusted us to be their fire alarm company for over 60 years, and with our proven track record, they bring Keystone on board for all their fire protection needs.  We can inspect, repair, and install all types of fire alarms and suppression systems, from simple sprinklers to state-of-the-art industrial fire systems.  Many others are solely fire sprinkler companies and are not equipped to handle large jobs, but we have the team of technicians able to tackle any fire protection project with ease.


While we have become known as the fire protection company to call for fire sprinkler inspection and installation of fire suppression systems, we also provide fire safety training to help make our Philadelphia area communities safer.  We believe it’s this dedication to educating the public about fire protection that sets us apart from other fire protection companies.  Fire suppression systems can help put out a fire or limit the spread, but fire safety training and fire extinguisher training can help your employees and other building occupants safely escape.

If you’re a maintenance manager or business owner in the Philadelphia area who is interested in fire protection or fire safety training, give us a call to find out more.  Other fire protection companies may offer similar preventative services, but the Keystone team takes the time to tailor the training to your facility its potential risks.  We can teach your employees how to safely and properly use a fire extinguisher with our classroom and hands-on live burn training session.  We are also happy to help your team create a successful emergency exit strategy.  We combine these with fire detection, fire protection, and fire prevention education so your employees know exactly what to do the second they see a fire or hear the alarm sound.

Of course, fire detection and fire protection safety training won’t be very useful if you don’t have the proper equipment to combat a fire.  When you inquire about fire protection and safety training, take a moment to ask us about important maintenance services like fire alarm inspection, fire extinguisher inspection, fire sprinkler repair, and fire suppression system repair.  In cases where an inspection reveals your system needs a complete overhaul to comply with current codes and standards, we can also provide you fire sprinkler, fire alarm installation and fire suppression systems installation.  We take on jobs of all sizes, so call us for the big projects that other fire sprinkler installation companies can’t do on time and under budget.


If you want to have the best chance of stopping a fire in its tracks, you need to make sure your equipment is in good working order.  We can provide you with fire extinguisher inspection and fire extinguisher service, like hydrostatic testing, to ensure you extinguishers are structurally sound and fully charged.

Did you know fire extinguisher inspections should occur monthly at your facility? An in-house expert needs to be regularly checking to make sure the extinguishers are accessible, labeled, and fully charged.  Annually, a trained fire protection technician must inspect your extinguishers to meet fire codes and standards.  Extinguishers designed to fight special fire hazards require further maintenance like 5-year hydrostatic testing, 6-year maintenance, and 12-year hydrostatic testing depending on the type of cylinder.


Fire alarms, horns and strobes, emergency lighting, and exit signs must also be maintained for proper operation.  Keystone is one of the best fire alarm companies in the Philadelphia area, offering fire alarm inspection and fire alarm testing to give you peace of mind.

Your fire alarm system is likely tied into your fire sprinkler or fire suppression systems, so it is important they work properly to sense a change in your fire protection systems and alert building occupants accordingly.  Prevent false alarms with our fire alarm inspections.  We offer fire alarm testing at your convenience, meaning we will work around your schedule and limit testing to outside of business hours, overnight, or on weekends to ensure your system is working properly without disturbing operations, employees or other building residents.

If you’re looking for fire sprinkler system installation companies in the Philadelphia area, you don’t need to look any further than Keystone Fire Protection.  Call us for any of the following:

  • Fire alarm inspection
  • Fire alarm testing
  • Fire alarm installation
  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Fire extinguisher service
  • Fire sprinkler inspection
  • Fire suppression system repair
  • Sprinkler repair
  • Fire safety training
  • Fire Extinguisher training

If you’re looking for fire sprinkler system installation companies in the Philadelphia area, you don’t need to look any further than Keystone Fire Protection.  We’re everything in one: a fire alarm company that offers fire alarm installation and testing, a fire extinguisher service provider, a fire suppression system repair and installation company, a sprinkler repair team, and more all under one roof.  Not many fire protection companies can say that.  Call us for all your fire detection and suppression needs from routine maintenance to inspection and installation.  Trust Keystone for your fire protection services in Philadelphia!

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