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Customer Testimonials

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Service is the key. Pick up the phone and call Karen or anyone at the desk, customer service desk. ‘Al, how bad, how fast, how soon do you need it?’ If it’s something I need right away, hour, hour and a half they’re here.”

Alfred Leone

Director of Facility Operations
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset


“It’s pretty powerful that Keystone can design and build a system. Well, design, build, implement and then service that product. So it really is a one-stop shop.”

Douglas Kelly

Emerald Realty Group


Exceeds expectations: that’s how I would classify Keystone. You couldn’t ask for more.”

John Higgins

Fire Marshal
Temple University


Everyone has too many things to worry about in today’s environment. There’s so many technical aspects to keep track of. The last thing we’re going to do is be an expert in everything. So it requires experts like Keystone to come in and teach us things we don’t know and make sure we’re in compliance.

Samuel Saxton

Salter Spiral Stair and Paragon Stairs


“They’ve been able to provide accurate drawings, prints to interpret what we have, walk throughs through the buildings identifying equipment ahead of time and challenges went well. Meeting with the technicians sometimes daily or weekly on the job to get updates and to see where they were, challenges they were meeting. Communication was awesome.

Ken Morris

Assistant Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
Great Valley School District


“Accountability. I have people to answer to. My superiors want answers and I have to go back with answers, and I don’t like saying ‘I don’t know.’ Keystone has never told me they don’t know. Like me, they will get the answers.

Paul Gruber

Facility Maintenance Manager
Bear Creek Mountain Resort                                                                                        


“It’s a lot more personal, I think, with [my Life Safety Advisor] Mark. I see him more often. I talk to him more. I got any questions, it’s a lot easier for me to call and get him to answer the phone than working with a large national rep.

Ray McCausland

Facility Director
PJW Restaurant Group                                                                                                                                                    

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