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Are you looking for the best company to install security cameras? Then look no further. Keystone is a commercial security company, experienced in providing high-end security solutions for businesses throughout Philadelphia, PA and beyond.

We treat each of our clients like partners. Their success is our success. Because every building is different, we can offer businesses in Philadelphia, PA custom video surveillance solutions. Keep reading to learn why our video surveillance solutions are unmatched.

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Security camera installers in Philadelphia

What We Offer

Maximum security
Minimum operational costs
Easy integration into existing security systems
Adaptability for future security improvements
Improved tracking of assets
Crime deterrence

Our security cameras top the list when it comes to quality. They can provide high-quality images that put older security cameras to shame. Our security camera installers can show you just how clear the picture can be, some maintaining 1080p high definition quality even when zoomed in 12 times. When it comes time to identify a criminal, you can give law enforcement a better chance of being able to apprehend the correct suspect.

High quality does not necessarily mean high cost. Emerging technology allows for clear images affordable for your business. Keystone experts can help you find the right video surveillance solution for the best return on investment.


Having security cameras installed in your business in Philadelphia, PA also means that your security team can refine their protocols. These cameras can function as their extra set of eyes, since they cannot be everywhere at once, especially if you have a large building with multiple floors. When a camera detects suspicious activity, they can be alerted in real time and successfully respond to the area in question.

Increase efficiency with centralized monitoring. Instead of multiple security guards patrolling the hallways overnight, an individual can watch every camera on a single screen, viewing the entirety of your business at once. When a person cannot be there to monitor activity, the cameras can do it for you, activating your surveillance system to alert law enforcement when response is needed. Video surveillance systems can make your business incredibly safer.

For additional surveillance and protection, you can add Perimeter motion detectors in Philadelphia to your security system. These can increase intrusion detection before it happens. Other options to pair with surveillance cameras are limiting who can enter the premises, or working with security companies in Philadelphia to make sure your surveillance is up to date and has high quality footage. 

For more information on video surveillance in Delaware County, PA, and other security services in the Philadelphia area, contact us today.

Deter Criminal Activity & Reduce Asset Loss

One key benefit of security camera installation is the visibility alone acts as a deterrent. Philadelphia, PA businesses are safer just for having video surveillance systems in place.

With security cameras visible at each entry point, criminals will be less likely to break-in. For added security, integrating your video surveillance system with an intrusion detection or access control system will lock the criminal out. Should they somehow breach the security barriers, these systems work together to immediately notify authorities and watch the criminal’s every move in your business, giving law enforcement a better chance at apprehending the suspect.

In instances in which an employee is attempting to steal or access sensitive information, surveillance cameras in your Philadelphia, PA business will help identify exactly who it is. Your video surveillance system can contain a database of employee information, then use analytics and facial recognition software to identify the individual in question.

Improve Operational Performance

Another reason for security camera installation in Philadelphia, PA is that it can help improve operations. Employees work more efficiently when they know they are under supervision. With surveillance cameras, you can be sure your employees will spend less time socializing with one another and more time focusing on their respective tasks. 

Continuous monitoring of your operations and production lines also helps ensure equipment is working at maximum capacity. Manufacturing is a complex business and production lines present inherent security risks, like adhering to health and safety guidelines. Video surveillance can help monitor critical access points, delivery of materials, dispatch, and the assembly areas. If a machine stops working, you will know immediately, allowing for quicker repair and reduced operational downtime. 

This additional benefit of having video surveillance systems in place can increase business profitability.

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The Best Security Camera Installers in Philadelphia

As a Philadelphia business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your property at all times. Installing enhanced surveillance cameras helps alleviate a lot of stress, especially during hours when the business isn’t active. Keystone Fire and Security offers the best surveillance cameras and security camera installation service in Philadelphia.

We have developed a reputation for providing elite security camera installation services. We sit down with each of our clients and develop a unique game plan. We recognize that each of our clients has a unique building that requires video surveillance systems that are designed with this in mind. Our security specialists will make adjustments to your system taking into account your building’s construction and your specific security concerns.

With a security system from Keystone Fire and Security, you can expect:

  • High Res Images: We will install security cameras that allow you to view high resolution images. You’ll receive a clear picture that will inform you on how to proceed if you’re dealing with an issue.
  • Efficient Performance: The security camera installers at Keystone Fire & Security will take some pressure off your security team by adding an extra set of eyes over the premises. This should help your business provide more efficient service while also reducing the threat of a crime occurring.

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Choose Keystone for all your video surveillance system needs. Whether you need a full system installation, a few cameras cleaned and repaired, or training on how to get the most out of your system analytics, our professional team can help.