School Safety: The Necessity Of Intercom Systems

Feb 1, 2023 | Security

The safety of a school needs to be taken seriously. From the moment they step into the building, students and staff need to be safe, and intercom systems can add an extra layer of protection and security.

Why Are School Intercoms Ideal for School Safety?

With so many students, teachers, and staff, it can be so hard to keep up with the kids and relay important messages across the entire building. Intercoms are first and foremost important for communication with all the people in the school at one time. When you need to send out emergency messages about the weather, intruders, and other emergencies that might necessitate alerting everyone at the same time, intercoms make it easy. 

When you can put out emergency messages to the entire school all at once, you are not going to have to alert each classroom individually. This is especially important when time is of the essence in emergency situations. 

Are Commercial Intercoms That Important?

With the help of a professional security company, schools can install commercial security systems in Berks County, PA that are equipped with an intercom system. These systems are critically important to locating specific students during emergencies, class changes, or other time-sensitive situations. Emergency alarm codes, such as if a student is experiencing a medical emergency or there’s a safety threat, can be communicated quickly via intercom. They help to eliminate the hassle and wasted time when you need it most. 

Intercom systems are also useful when staff or administrators need to relay important information to everyone in the building. School-wide announcements are made easy when you have access to all classrooms and hallways at once. 

Intercoms are also great additions to access control systems in Berks County, PA. Intercoms can be used to help allow those that want to get into the school to state their purpose and for staff inside the school to either permit or deny entry. 

Secure Your School Today

The right intercom system is going to help keep kids safe and help ensure that everyone is aware of any danger that might be present. With any intercom system, you need to have it professionally installed to ensure that they are done right and that there are not going to be any connectivity issues that might make it hard to use them effectively.

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