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The Best Business Security Systems in Berks County, PA

Securing your business is a vital part of running it. All the investments and effort you put into your business to be successful should be protected. It’s why you deserve to work with one of the best security companies in Berks County, PA. At Keystone, we specialize in providing high-quality and comprehensive commercial security systems. We take a different approach than other security companies. We don’t just install business security systems and call it a day. We treat you like a partner. That means we keep working with you and provide continuous maintenance to ensure your security monitoring systems function optimally. Here’s how our commercial security systems can enhance safety at your business.

commercial security systems berks county pa
Security Systems Berks County Pa


Our access control systems in Berks County, PA are an excellent way to limit who has the authorization to enter certain rooms in your building. Not every employee needs to enter an area where highly classified information, expensive assets, or hazardous machinery are stored.

Access control corporate security systems enhance security both inside the business and outside. It limits the ability of prospective criminals to enter your business while also protecting sensitive areas like employee record rooms from general staff.

Another advantage of access control corporate security systems is that they give you a record of who entered a room in a given time. In the event of a theft, you have a likely list of suspects right from the start.     >> Download Access Control PDF


Our team of professionals can perform security installation in Berks County, PA. We offer several different kinds of security monitoring systems. The chief among those is security cameras as part of robust video surveillance systems.

Keystone uses cameras from industry leaders that capture high definition footage, maintaining quality in various lighting (like day or night) and when zoomed in on a subject. You won’t find blurred faces or grainy images with our systems. Catching criminals has never been easier with our security monitoring systems.   >> Download Video Surveillance PDF

In crime prevention, security cameras are great deterrents. Studies show criminals are less likely to commit a crime when they know they are being watched. An important part of effective corporate security systems is the careful planning and installation of our security monitoring systems. Placed in strategic areas, your commercial security systems can ward off criminals.

Video surveillance is also beneficial in viewing production processes, assuring quality control and ensuring machinery uptime on the assembly line. Monitor critical access points, delivery of materials, dispatch, and more to reduce security risk and meet health and safety guidelines

Perimeter Detection Business Security Systems

Another cost-effective way to make the workplace safer is with perimeter detection in Berks County, PA. Devices like fence sensors along the property line, infrared motion detectors and door contact closures, and glass break sensors at exterior windows all work to instantly alert you and the appropriate authorities of a security breach.

When integrated with an existing security infrastructure, like security cameras, perimeter detection systems can activate a camera and point it directly at the affected area. This helps provide real-time verification of a threat, reducing false alarms and improving accurate response.

>> Download Unified Security Management PDF

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At Keystone, we pride ourselves in being one of the best security companies, not just because we use cutting-edge technology, but because we couple our high-quality products with reliable service. If you are looking to install new devices or upgrade your current business security systems, call us or fill out the contact form on our website.