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There are plenty of access control specialists in the Berks County, PA area. However, few offer the same quality of service and technology that Keystone does. Access control remains one of the most effective methods for securing your business. At Keystone, we don’t just install security technology in your business. We’re a security partner, meaning we provide continued maintenance and service to ensure your security investment serves you to the best of its ability. Your success and protection matter. Here is how your business will benefit from Keystone access control systems in Berks County, PA.

Keep reading to learn how access control system integration can help your business.

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What We Provide

We offer a variety of security systems in Berks County, PA with services like security camera installation in Berks County, PA, intrusion detection system installation, license plate recognition installation & training, and more. Keystone’s access control systems are designed to provide the following:

Minimum cost


Maximum safety

Flexible solutions

Scalable solutions

Adaptability for future integrations


Cybersecurity starts with access control. You may not realize it, but physical security systems are an important part of your cybersecurity. To prevent a crime from occurring in your business, you need to ensure that it’s difficult for potential criminals to gain entry.

Our access control specialists can install different access control methods depending on what best suits your business. One example may be card access, which requires keycards or ID badges for entry. Equipping your employees with keycards that have different levels of clearance ensures that only those with authorization can enter sensitive areas. More advanced technology like biometric scanners that record fingerprints offer an added layer of security; where badges can be misplaced or stolen, fingerprints are unique to each individual.

Access control systems also record who entered the room at a particular time. Should a crime occur, you’ll have a log of those who were in that room when the crime took place. Apprehending the criminal has never been easier.


If you have existing commercial security systems in Berks County, PA, you may wonder if access system integration is possible. With the help of Keystone’s access control specialists, access system integration is simple and learning how to use these systems is just as easy. Our team is experienced in integrating new technology with existing systems, whether it be a few devices that need replacing or fully upgrading your business security systems.

For example, if you had a security camera installation in Berks County, PA recently done with another company, the Keystone team can still easily integrate an access control system. Using these two security types in concert affords you better ability to prevent crime or, at the very least, capture an incident in real time.

For example, if an employee’s keycard is stolen and someone attempts to gain entry into a sensitive area with it, the access control system will activate your video surveillance, capturing the individual. The incident is also recorded for playback.

Our Systems Come with Detailed Records
Another unique benefit in choosing Keystone that our competitors cannot replicate is the training we offer so you can understand how to retrieve detailed records and access other helpful analytics your system provides. With an access control system, you are able to retrieve a list of departure and entry records, which offers many benefits like assisting with employee scheduling and time tracking, as well as providing information law enforcement may need in the event of a theft.
Schedule Timed Entry

Keystone’s control systems also make setting programmed time entry easier than ever. Never forget to lock up at the end of the business day. An access control system will automatically lock exterior doors, allowing only those with approved credentials to re-enter. If, for example, an employee leaves at close of business but forgets a personal item inside, you can program your system to allow one instance of re-entry so they can retrieve what they had forgotten. In a building with a front office and manufacturing facility, you can restrict access to the office after “normal business hours” while allowing the second and third shift workers to easily come and go to their designated work stations in the production and warehouse areas.

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When you want access system integration to be effective and easy, trust an industry leader. The access control specialists at Keystone have experience in installing systems in a variety of businesses and building sizes, making our team experts in choosing the best protection solution for you. Call us today to get started.