Why Is Video Surveillance Important For Your Business?

The Best Video Surveillance in Berks County, PA

A quality video surveillance system is only as great as the security camera installers you hire. You want the best in commercial security for your business in Berks County, PA. Look no further than your local physical security experts, Keystone.

At Keystone, we approach every business we work with as partners. We’re devoted to your success. Part of that success comes from having a reliable security system that protects your investment, your employees, and your customers. Here’s how Keystone’s security camera installation services in Berks County, PA can make a difference.

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What We Offer

Our video surveillance systems can provide the following:

Maximum security
Minimum operational costs
Easy integration into existing security systems
Adaptability for future security improvements
Improved tracking of assets
Scalable options & Flexible solutions

As technology continues to evolve, high definition video quality is becoming more affordable and accessible to the masses. The difference Keystone offers are security cameras from trusted industry leaders that provide more than 1080p image quality. Some of these cameras also sustain quality without grain or noise when zoomed in 12 times. They also provide clear resolution footage at night.

Quality does not stop with the image on your monitor. Security camera installation with Keystone includes a full video surveillance management system like Omnicast from our trusted partner Genetec. This platform adapts to your needs with features like intelligent streaming, bandwidth management, uninterrupted access to live and recorded video even if you lose server connection, and it encrypts your data for full privacy. Even better, the video management software is flexible to support thousands of security cameras and devices, so creating a unique solution for your video surveillance needs is easier than ever.

When you choose other security camera installers for your commercial security systems in Berks County, PA, you are not guaranteed access to a powerful network of VMS and analytics options.


If you already have access control systems in Berks County, PA installed, a security camera installation is the next logical step in enhancing your overall business security. As an experienced video surveillance company, our Keystone technicians and installers can easily integrate surveillance cameras with any existing security system you already have.

Together, access control and video surveillance streamline security operations. They can be monitored from a single interface like a desktop computer screen or even via mobile app, allowing you to view and playback footage on the go. When you merge data from both security systems, you become better equipped to identify incidents as they happen in real time and verify security threats. For example, you can see unauthorized individuals who follow an approved person (like an employee) into your building and deal with them immediately. If your company experiences an overnight theft, you can check card access records to rule out anyone with building credentials and view the surveillance footage to verify an unknown individual broke in.

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Security Camera Installation in Berks County, PA is a Crime Deterrent

Prevention is a key component to business security, and security cameras have been proven to be a cost-effective way to deter and reduce crime. Additionally, video surveillance systems aid in documenting crime.

Studies of major cities Baltimore and Chicago show crime reduction linked directly to public surveillance camera systems. Reduced crime means associated cost savings; in these cases, video surveillance saved the city of Chicago over four dollars for every dollar spent on security cameras. The return on investment in Baltimore was smaller but still notable with a return of 50 cents on the dollar.

The key to maximum ROI and crime prevention is security camera placement. An offender must know the camera is there and watching, and they must believe there is a high risk of being caught should they follow through with the act anyway. With high quality cameras from Keystone that offer 100% uptime, your business will be one step closer to a proactive security solution instead of a reactive one.


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When you want comprehensive and integrated security systems tailored to your business, call the experts at Keystone. A custom security strategy doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. We’re experienced in creating solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. From healthcare and educational facilities to manufacturing plants and warehouses and everything in between, Keystone has a proven track record of affordable security solutions for businesses in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. Be a valued partner in security. Call now.