Optimize Your Stadium with A New Surveillance System

Jul 27, 2023 | Security & Video Surveillance

Surveillance technology keeps improving, and stadiums that haven’t updated their systems in a while could be missing out on tech that would make it much easier to expand services, identify perpetrators, and assist with emergencies. The laws regarding security technology change frequently, too, and updating what your stadium uses helps keep you in compliance. Whether you’re concerned about long lines at security checkpoints or keeping the air over a stadium free from drones, it’s important to update your surveillance technology. That starts with spotting out-of-date procedures and technology.

Taking Advantage of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things allows appliances and apps to connect in ways that let the apps analyze conditions in a certain area, such as your home. Newer stadium surveillance technology allows you to connect cameras to analytical apps in a similar way. However, instead of monitoring the temperature in your home, the cameras and apps monitor crowds, keep restroom lines to a minimum, and spot troublemakers using facial recognition.

Security Magazine noted in 2020 that these improvements in technology could be used for COVID-related monitoring, but post-lockdown the cameras can be used to help with more mundane issues like crowd control.

Your Weapons Detection Tech Is Slow and Old-Fashioned

If your stadium still has people waiting in long lines to pass through metal detectors and dump everything out of their bags onto tables for inspection, it’s time to upgrade. Stadium Tech Report found that newer surveillance technology can allow larger numbers of people to pass through entrance security, often without having to take everything out of their pockets and bags. This makes getting into the stadium much easier while still keeping people safe. It also helps keep people in a better mood as they have to wait less on hot or cold days.

Here’s a Way to Stop Drones

If you want to stop unauthorized drones from flying over games, you need tech that can detect them. Some broadcasters may want drones overhead, but having random drones from people who simply didn’t want to pay for a ticket isn’t good. The IEEE notes that there is now drone detection tech that can help you spot them.

Upgrading Stadium Surveillance Makes the Experience Safer for Everyone

If you need to upgrade stadium video surveillance in Montgomery County, PA, Keystone Fire and Security is the company to call. We can help upgrade stadium and commercial security systems in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding area so that your stadium remains a safe and fun place to be for players, workers, and attendees. Technology is ever-changing, and if you haven’t upgraded your system in a few years, you need to take a good look at what can be improved. The results are worth it.


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