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When it comes securing your business, a reliable security system is imperative for protecting your assets. One great option in security is a video surveillance system, as they are more intelligent and effective than ever. Plus, these systems are becoming more affordable for business owners of all sizes, while still allowing for greater customizability and integration with other security systems. 

As this technology constantly updates and improves, it is important to find installers of business video surveillance systems who are trained experts. Like our video surveillance in Bucks County, PA, Keystone installs and provides continuous service for high-quality business video surveillance systems that can reinforce your building’s security. 

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Here’s how security camera installation with Keystone can help protect your people and property:

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What We Offer

Our video surveillance systems can provide the following:

Maximum security
Minimum operational costs
Easy integration into existing security systems
Adaptability for future security improvements
Improved tracking of assets
Scalable options & Flexible solutions
The best way to keep your business secure from outside threats is with criminal deterrence. On their own, security cameras have been credited for reducing or deterring crime1. When a criminal approaches an entry point like a door or window and sees cameras, they are less likely to attempt to break-in.

When used in conjunction with motion detection lighting, video surveillance cameras can be a great tool in deterring crime. For example, if someone were trespassing on your property at night, they would trigger an outdoor light to turn on and the security camera would activate to capture their movements. Video surveillance systems can be programmed to automatically contact law enforcement, as well.

Sometimes the perpetrator stealing from the business is an employee. Or perhaps the employee is attempting to access a room that holds sensitive or confidential information like employee records or financial statements. Security camera installation can help you in determining which employees might be doing things they should not.

Alternatively, video surveillance installation can help improve employee productivity and increase accountability. Not all security cameras are installed to “catch” people doing something wrong. Cameras can help companies avoid frivolous lawsuits without violating a reasonable expectation of privacy. Security camera installation in Montgomery County, PA could also help boost productivity. Keeping an eye on internal business operations could help managers discover a better way to do things or help create a safer working environment.

Keep an Eye on Shoplifters
For certain businesses in Montgomery County, PA, it can be difficult for employees to keep up with the hustle and bustle of customers. It simply is not possible to witness every movement in your business, so there is always an opportunity for shoplifting.

Chances are, you have seen video surveillance and anti-shoplifting signage in many retail stores. That’s because video surveillance is a reliable tool for retailers to catch theft in real time. Our cameras offer high-quality images, not the grainy footage you are accustomed to seeing in convenience store robberies on the news, so you can give law enforcement their greatest chance of identifying the criminal.

Customers who know they are being watched are also less likely to attempt any criminal activity. Our video surveillance systems can keep your shoppers honest and your business safe. Avoid a short drawer at closing time and keep your books balanced.

Help Security Teams’ Reaction Times

When a crime does occur, it can be difficult for security teams to respond quickly. The first few minutes are critical. Any delays can give the criminal the time they need to escape. No matter how prepared, you could be stuck playing catch up, working with the police to try to track down an unknown suspect.

When you trust Keystone to install a full video surveillance system, you can be one step ahead in protecting your business. Our surveillance system can alert your internal security team or nearby law enforcement to the location of the breach. The cameras will capture critical moments that help authorities track down and apprehend a criminal. Should the suspect get away, you have all their movements captured and stored on a database which is easily accessible for police investigation.

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When it comes to commercial security, one size does not fit all. The size of your business and the assets you aim to protect are driving forces in determining the best video surveillance solution for your budget.

When integrated with a full security system, video surveillance cameras can be a cost-effective addition to deter or document crime at your business. We especially recommend using video surveillance and intrusion detection in Montgomery County, PA together to increase overall security.

Let Keystone help you protect your people and property with business video surveillance systems in Montgomery County, PA.