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In today’s world, more businesses want to improve their physical security. With plenty of companies to choose from, how can you be sure you are getting the best service for your dollar?

At Keystone Fire Protection Co, we aim to be a partner in security. You are not just a client to us; we treat your business as if it were our own. As a business owner, you have worked hard to build your company. As a facility manager, employees are counting on you to ensure fluidity of operations and their safety. Business security systems can be confusing, but they do not have to be.

The experts at Keystone can help.   

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Our installers are among the best for access systems integrations in Bucks County PA. Access control helps limit the flow of traffic in your building. Know who is coming an going and prevent undetected strangers from entering, increasing safety and reducing theft or accidents.

Business security system installation offers an array of solutions, but access control systems can account for finer details, like ensuring only those with specific credentials can enter otherwise off-limit rooms in your business. Should theft occur, you are able to immediately compile a list of those with access to the room. You access control software will keep a detailed log with timestamps of those who entered to additionally help you narrow down your suspect list.

Secure sensitive information in doctor’s offices, insurance companies, and hospitals or keep customers out of production areas with access control.


Another business security system installation of great benefit are intrusion detection systems in Bucks County, PA. Our installers can determine the best places for intrusion detection devices to maximize results and return on investment. It is vital to have industry experts complete your business security system installation to ensure the longevity of the system and its effectiveness.

Intrusion detection systems are an excellent means of protecting your business and property from the outside. Devices like motion sensors can alert you to a perimeter breach, allowing for your security team to respond quickly and appropriately. When used in conjunction with door monitoring systems and glass-break sensors, you will have the greatest chance at recognizing a break-in and catching a criminal before burglary can occur.

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Our installers also offer video surveillance in Bucks County, PA. Video surveillance is an effective tool in deterring and capturing crime in real time. Business security system installation of video surveillance will help ensure that if a crime does occur, you are able to provide law enforcement with high-quality images of suspects. Security cameras are most effective when positioned at key entry points and areas with high traffic (customers and employees).

Video surveillance is also effective in monitoring your production process and ensuring quality control. More than just security cameras, video surveillance systems offer real-time analytics and monitoring so you can be alerted to disruptions in your production line. If a machine malfunctions, your video surveillance system will capture it and can alert you for quick repair, helping your company avoid downtime and associated costs.

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License Plate Recognition Commercial Security Systems

Another great way to improve your business’s security is license plate recognition. Does your business have restricted parking? Can you be sure that only employees with permitted access park there? Is your parking garage overflowing with cars that do not belong there? License plate recognition systems are a game-changer for parking enforcement.

This system allows employers to distinguish employee cars from visitors or those who might be parking there illegally. It can also help for timed parking enforcement of these lots to ensure no one is parking past permitted durations.

For municipal parking enforcement officers, license plate recognition systems can be mounted to their vehicles. As they drive down the street the system will alert to cars parked illegally, past time limits, or without proper permits. It can also help locate stolen cars or cars involved in other crimes. In some instances, police departments have been able to use Keystone license plate recognition to solve hit-and-run crimes and locate vehicles of interest in Amber Alerts.

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If you need business security systems that work flawlessly in ensuring the safety of your people and property, you need to call Keystone. Our security experts will help your business plan, implement, and integrate systems that will improve your security.