How You Can Suppress a Fire

Sep 1, 2021 | Fire Safety Tips, Fire Suppression Systems

Recent statistics reveal that organizations experienced over $7 billion worth of losses in 2019 because of commercial fires. In most cases, disaster strikes kitchens, storage rooms, and smoking areas first. Luckily, business owners take commercial fire protection in Chester County seriously.

Fire systems now use the latest technologies in suppressing fires. This article will discuss some of the most effective ways to ensure employees’ safety.

Fire Systems

Fire alarm inspections in Delaware County now use an extensive range of products to subdue fires. Contrary to popular belief, water is not always a viable solution and can sometimes even cause more harm than the fire itself.

We recommend coordinating with reputable fire companies to determine which systems will work best for your specific needs. The goal should be to prevent fires from damaging your assets and minimize downtime.

Below are some of the best suppression products for workspaces.

Clean Agents

Fires can only occur when heat, oxygen, and a fuel source are present. Without one of these components, there would be no fire. Clean agents eliminate the heat or the oxygen to suppress the fire.

These products accelerate the suppression process and absorb heat without harming equipment, employees, or the environment. They also leave almost no residue, minimizing business downtime.

CO2 Systems

CO2 systems release carbon dioxide into the fire, cutting off its oxygen supply. As soon as it touches the oxygen, the fire will no longer burn. They are colorless, odorless, non-conductive, and leave no residue.

Because they don’t conduct electricity, we recommend using them for power plants, research facilities, and electrical rooms.

Wet Chem Kitchen Systems

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to suppressing fires. Fire alarm companies in Philadelphia know that dealing with kitchen fires that can burn above 680°F requires wet chemicals. Using dry chemicals at high temperatures such as boiling oil may create an unsafe environment and fail to extinguish fires.

Dry Chem Industrial Systems

These systems offer maximum convenience and ease of use because they are rechargeable tools ideal for extinguishing electrical fires. They are not conductive, and workers can use them in areas that shouldn’t use fire sprinkler systems. We recommend these suppression systems for auto paint booths, mixing rooms, and dip tanks.

Micro-Environment Systems

These products are automatic systems that aim to localize fire detection and suppression. They continuously monitor small spaces for fire risks and automatically activate themselves at any sign of fire.

Think of these products as high-tech fire extinguishers. For such environments, we recommend Firetrace systems because they’re easy to install and maintain.

Entrust Your Safety to an Experienced Company

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