How Keystone Fire & Security Can Help You Keep Your Students Safe

May 17, 2023 | Security

It’s a well-known fact that college life can be filled with lots of activities at night. Some of those activities may get out of control, particularly during the weekends. You can protect the students on your campus from those times by implementing a plan for security. Sometimes security guards are not enough, when this is the case Keystone Fire & Security has the solutions you need. You can protect the students at your college with a security system to help control campus issues involving drugs, alcohol, and violence. 

Fire Suppression Systems 

If you are concerned about fire, you should know that water doesn’t extinguish all fires. Because of this, we offer fire suppression systems South Jersey residents trust. To provide further illustration, the water used to extinguish a fire can create the same harm as the actual fire. This is why we have designed a unique fire suppression system that works for more than 65 years. When you need to ensure your expensive assets are protected in case of fire, you depend on our strategy of fire suppression. 

Door Monitoring Systems

Keystone Fire & Security offers a door monitoring system Montgomery County, PA residents use to keep track of students and staff. Our door monitoring systems aid in securing all entrances and exits of a building to ensure the occupant’s safety. 

Completely Integrated Security Solutions 

Keystone Fire & Security offers easy units that are stand-alone and solutions for completely integrated systems. We provide security for single rooms to an array of campus networks. Our control systems of access are created to allow:

  • Ownership cost is minimal
  • Flexible, scalable security solutions
  • The maximum amount of security
  • Simple expansion for future necessities
  • A seamless integration with other systems for security

State of the Art Video Surveillance Systems

At Keystone Fire & Security we have an IT staff and team of security using modern video surveillance allowing managers:

  • An advanced efficiency of operations
  • Reduction of workplace injuries
  • Advances the efficiency of operations
  • Meets all standards for compliance and regulations
  • Asset tracking is improved
  • Less shrinkage and inventory loss
  • Deters theft and vandalism
  • Reduction of the overall security cost

Contact Us for All Your Campus Security Needs

When you are concerned with the security of your students, contact Keystone Fire & Security. Contact Keystone Fire & Security for all your security and surveillance, fire alarm, equipment, and security products and services. 


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