Reliable & Affordable Perimeter Detection Equipment

Just like our intrusion detection systems in Bucks County, PA, our team is ready to offer you the best protection at a competitive price.

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Here’s why you should add intrusion and perimeter detection technologies to your security system:

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When you install perimeter motion detectors around your business, any movement will alert your security system. Devices like fence sensors, surveillance cameras, laser and motion detectors, door contact closures, and glass break sensors call all be unified with your security system.

Sensor technology like infrared (IR) or light-detecting sensors can be placed at the perimeter of your property; when movement is detected, the devices send a notification to your security system and trigger alarms. When integrated with your video surveillance system, these devices can sense motion and alert a security camera to turn on. The camera then follows the individual as they move around the property.

It is important to monitor these devices once installed. Keystone offers 24/7/365 monitoring services for all security systems we install. Our promise to our customers is uninterrupted, continued service from long-time industry experts.


Another intrusion detection system option we offer is a door monitoring system. While perimeter detection is focused on the outer lines of your property, door monitoring alerts your security team of a breach directly at your building. 

If a door is opened or if it is propped open when it should not be, an alarm will be sent to the appropriate responder, like your security team. If the door is open for an extended period, the door monitoring system can be programmed to escalate the alarm as needed.

Combined with video surveillance in Montgomery County PA, a door monitoring system is a great way to alert your team to the exact location of a breach. While the door monitoring system sends an immediate notification to security and administrative staff using text messaging or email, the video surveillance system can live monitor the location in question with a time and date stamp of the event. Door monitoring can also be applied to perimeter gates.


A key benefit of having reliable intrusion detection systems installed at your business in Montgomery County, PA is significantly fewer false alarms. Not every security breach is an active threat or intruder. Sometimes a pesky animal can trigger your perimeter detection system and getting an alert every single time can be a real headache.

Keystone Fire and Security’s systems are specifically installed and programmed to detect people and humanlike movements. As this technology develops, customization becomes virtually infinite, so we can help tailor your system to only alert to specific movements. For example, if a person approaches your perimeter fence, sees it is locked, and walks away, you need not be alerted. But if this person approaches the fence and shakes it, your system will activate, alerting you via text or email and turning on your security cameras to follow the individual.

With fewer false alarms, your security guards and local law enforcement will react more readily to actual security threats.   >> Download Intrusion Detection PDF

Let’s get started.

If you want the best intrusion detection systems in Montgomery County, PA, you need to contact the Keystone Fire and Security team.

We’ll carefully examine the perimeter of your business and all entry points and design a solution that offers your business the most protection. Perimeter detection is not just an excellent method for catching criminals. It can also dissuade them from even getting near your building. When criminals spot the cameras and other perimeter detection devices around your business, they will think twice about attempting to break in.

Combined with other business safety systems in Montgomery County, you can trust Keystone Fire and Security to deliver the best security solutions for your business.