Best Communication Systems For Assisted Living Facilities 

Nov 9, 2023 | Communication Systems

Assisted living centers offer their residents a safe, secure, and comfortable place to live. Families must know that their loved ones are being cared for in a facility that has efficient operations, modern technology, and collaborative communications. Keystone Fire & Security has the experience and latest corporate security systems in Bucks County to improve your patient care and safety. Take a look at the best communication systems for assisted living facilities

Seamless Security Integration

Communication systems are essential to creating and establishing a safe environment for aging residents. A great example of keeping unwanted guests from entering is our license plate recognition technology. This keeps the parking areas secure by only allowing authorized vehicles onto the property, the first line of security. Other security layers include the latest state-of-the-art video surveillance systems offering real-time verification, integrating with existing systems, and preventing vandalism and theft.

Real-Time Alerts

Every second counts when an incident arises with an older adult. You should install technology that gives you and your entire staff real-time alerts allowing you to react instantly to any emergency. This includes connecting with medical professionals on site, emergency responders, and others who can assist in helping during this critical time.

Enhanced Resident Care Coordination

Integrated communication systems strengthen and improve care coordination among management and staff members. This efficiently provides improved care and resident services. Whether it’s responding to a resident’s call for assistance, collaborating with healthcare providers, or communicating important updates to the entire team, an integrated system enhances resident care coordination effectively and efficiently.

Perimeter Motion Detection

It’s crucial to know who is entering and exiting your assisted living facility. Keystone stresses the importance of intrusion detection systems in Bucks County that work for you 24/7 around the clock. This is insurance that provides peace of mind that every door, window, and access point is monitored and secured. Not only does this prevent unwanted guests from entering the building but also prevents residents with memory loss from leaving the building.

Window Security Alert Systems

Windows, like doors, should be secured, and many times overlooked as a major security risk. Glass-breaking monitoring systems immediately detect if a window is broken. These monitoring systems can also detect if a window is open that shouldn’t be. This real-time alert system is one more important layer in keeping your residents safe inside and unwanted intruders from coming inside.

Public Address & Paging

There are times when everyone in the facility needs to be addressed at once or someone needs to be paged. Keystone Fire & Security has a wide range of public address and paging systems to meet your needs. Whether it is to alert residents of a fire emergency, make announcements during a special event like a movie night or holiday party, or page an employee who is needed, these systems are beneficial and worthwhile.

A/V Technology Offers Virtual Connections

There are a variety of reasons that your assisted living facility’s conference room or meeting space should benefit from A/V technology. This equipment can transform how residents connect with their families, especially for those who live out of town or far away. Virtual gatherings with high-definition audio/video create meaningful interactions instead of just talking on the telephone. These spaces also support health and wellness programs, and presentations are ideal for staff training and team-building programs, whether they attend in person or virtually. The outcome is happier residents and happier more informed and trained team members.

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