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As a local business, we understand how important it is to protect your people and property. There are so many options when it comes to business security systems, so how do you know which is right for your business? The experts at Keystone can help.

One great way to secure your building is with an intrusion detection system. To protect your entire property, expanding this system to include perimeter detection in Bucks.

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Perimeter Motion Detectors Bucks County

What We Offer

When looking for intrusion detection systems, our service and installation is second to none. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from trusting Keystone with your intrusion detection system installation.

Minimum operational costs

Maximum safety

Prevention of security threats
Easy integration into existing security systems
Adaptability for future security improvements

One of the greatest benefits of Keystone intrusion detection systems is help with crime prevention. When used in conjunction with  video surveillance in Bucks County, PA, perimeter detection alerts businesses to any threats lurking outside and captures them in real time. The intrusion detection devices will alert to an active security breach, like locked doors and windows being opened after business hours. 

The second the perimeter motion detectors are alerted to a threat, your team is notified via text message or email so they can quickly respond. This offers the greatest chance of catching prospective criminals before they commit a crime.

Another intrusion detection solution is a door monitoring system. Like perimeter motion detectors, a door monitoring system keeps a close eye on the entry points to your business. If the door is opened, even slightly, the motion sensor will immediately alert your security team. Each door is programmed with a location signature, so you will know exactly which door is being tampered with.

We also offer sensors for windows, as they are other key building entry points for criminals. Our glass-break monitoring system effectively informs your security team when someone attempts to break a window to enter your business. This is just one example of the many business security systems in Bucks County, PA Keystone offers that many other companies do not.

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A reliable security company like Keystone will do much more than simply install a few motion sensors. We will integrate these devices into a robust security solution to include multiple security systems like video surveillance and access control to ensure the tightest security possible.

If your business in Bucks County, PA already has intrusion detection systems installed, Keystone can easily upgrade your aging system or integrate other security solutions to round out your protection. We want to make the integration as seamless as possible, so our industry experts work with you to find to best solution for your safety goals and budget.

This might mean adding Keystone’s monitoring services to your existing motion sensors. Or it might mean installing additional devices to better communicate with your existing alarm system. Because our team of security experts stays up to date on the latest technology, we can customize solutions to each business or facility. As a best practice, we also ensure that every facet of the security system works together to limit organizational risk.  >> Contact Us

Let’s get started.

When you need the best intrusion detection systems, call Keystone. We will help improve your overall safety, reduce false alarms, and help increase security team or law enforcement response time.