Why It Is Important To Have Your Fire Alarm Inspected

Feb 25, 2022 | Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarms are essential to fire safety, but they will only work if every component is in working condition. That’s why it’s important to have the system regularly inspected by experts. Routine evaluations are necessary to ensure the safety of everyone in your facility. 

Keystone Fire and Security is your trusted partner in fire safety. Having been in the industry for many years, we’ve gained in-depth insight into the advantages of fire alarm assessments.

Enhances Safety

Fire alarms are vital requirements in every building, as they serve as your initial defense against fires. These systems are your first detections and warning systems that work together to alert people. If one component is not working, the whole system might fail.

Inspections ensure that every part of your fire alarm is working. With the help of experts, you’ll find faulty parts and have them replaced. This enhances everyone’s safety and gives you confidence that the system will work at the crucial moment. If your current system is prone to failures, Keystone Fire and Security can install industrial fire alarms in Chester County, PA.

Keeps Your Business Compliance to Laws

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires establishments to conduct regular fire alarm inspections. In addition, your local government or fire department may need you to hire an inspector for routine upkeep. These are all part of their mission to prevent fires and save lives.

Aside from government entities, private organizations like insurance companies will require annual evaluations. They need proof that your fire alarms work especially if you have to file a claim due to fire damage.

Prevents Nuisance

Faulty fire alarm components can lead to the system activating even if there’s no fire. This can be a nuisance in the best-case scenario. In some cases, it can activate your fire suppression systems and damage your property. This can be expensive to replace.

Also, your faulty fire alarm can unintendedly alert your local fire department. They’ll come to your establishment ready to put out a nonexistent fire. 

Key Takeaways

Keystone Fire and Security offers premier fire alarm inspections in Philadelphia, PA, and are essential in every business. These evaluations ensure the safety of others and help you comply with laws and insurance requirements.

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