Why It Is a Good Idea to Have a Digital Sign

Feb 25, 2022 | Communication Systems

We’re all familiar with the emergency exit signs installed in fire exits and other pathways. While these serve as reliable guides during times of crisis, technology is evolving. That is why digital signs can also help notify you of danger and/or other important information. 

Most people might not be familiar with these devices, but digital signage’s electronic screens can effectively communicate various messages to building occupants. At Keystone Fire and Security, we want to share other details why digital signages are a good idea for your building. 

Adaptable for Various Situations

Fire is not the only emergency. Natural disasters like tornadoes, blizzards, and hurricanes also pose a grave threat. Our commercial security systems in Delaware County, PA are comprehensive and ensure vital messages are transmitted effectively.

Digital signs can change what’s on the screen and provide relevant information about any situation. This way, occupants and visitors are aware of what’s happening even without an alert system in place.

Real-Time Emergency Management

Most emergencies are unpredictable. Fires can quickly spread to other parts of a building. A threatening storm can be heading straight to your location. That’s why it’s important to have second-by-second updates on emergencies. When information is quickly spread, people have more time to adapt and find their way to safety.

Thankfully, digital signages are equipped with online capabilities that allow you to change information wherever you are. When in need, you can even contact emergency responders.

Accessibility for All 

In emergencies, information must be accessible to everyone — but people have vastly different needs and capabilities. Seniors citizens might have poor eyesight, while others may not understand what is being said due to language barriers. Digital signages can help your company be more inclusive with communicating urgent messages.

The screens can change to reach the greatest number of people. You can modify the text to be attention-grabbing or adjust the language to accommodate all who are present. The goal is to maximize the message being sent to save more lives.

Emergency Drills and Safety Campaigns

Digital signs can serve as visual aids for emergency drills and safety campaigns. Thanks to the flexibility of a digital screen, you can conduct safety activities and/or display action plans guiding everyone through a crisis. Since everyone would know how to react, emergencies become less of a scary prospect.

Key Takeaways

Keystone Fire and Security helps improve your emergency response needs. We offer a variety of comprehensive fire protection services as well as digital signs that quickly spread information that can save lives.


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