When Does Your Fire System Need A Check Up?

Apr 7, 2023 | Fire Systems Inspections

As a corporate business owner, you understand the importance of maintaining a safe work environment for your employees and customers. One key aspect of ensuring safety is having a functioning fire protection system. But when should you schedule a check-up for your fire system? In this article, we will discuss how often your fire system needs to be checked and inspected, why it is essential to do so, and how Keystone Fire & Safety can help.

Annual Inspections

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires annual inspections for all fire protection systems, including fire alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure that the systems are in good working condition, free of damage, and able to function in case of a fire emergency.

During these annual inspections, Keystone Fire & Security checks the entire fire protection system, from the control panels to the detection devices, to ensure that everything is functioning correctly. We also test the fire alarm systems to make sure they will activate properly when needed.

Quarterly Testing

In addition to annual inspections, some components of your fire protection system may require quarterly testing. For example, if you have a sprinkler system, the water flow switches, and alarm valves need to be tested every three months.

Keystone Fire & Security can help with these quarterly tests, ensuring that your fire protection system continues to function correctly and meets all regulatory requirements.

System Upgrades

As your business grows and changes, your fire protection needs may also change. You may need to upgrade your system to accommodate new building additions, changes to your business processes, or other factors.

Keystone Fire & Security can help you evaluate your current fire protection system and recommend upgrades or modifications to meet your evolving needs. Whether you need to add more detection devices, upgrade your sprinkler system, or replace outdated equipment, Keystone Fire & Security can provide expert guidance and support.

Emergency Service

Even with regular maintenance and testing, unexpected issues can still arise with your fire protection system. That’s why it’s essential to have a trusted partner who can provide emergency service when you need it.

Keystone Fire & Security offers 24/7 emergency service for fire protection systems in Philadelphia and Bucks County. They can quickly dispatch technicians to your location to diagnose and repair any issues with your system, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your business remains safe and compliant.

Contact Keystone Fire & Security

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