What Type of Businesses Can Benefit From Intrusion Detection

Feb 9, 2024 | Security & Video Surveillance

Intrusion detection is paramount in keeping modern businesses safe. While digital threats tend to dominate the focus of security companies and business owners alike, many times physical breaches by unauthorized individuals are more of a practical and real threat. Therefore, if you are interested in perimeter motion detectors in Allentown, PA or a door monitoring system in Montgomery County, PA, you will want to know more about intrusion detection and what types of businesses would benefit the most from this service. Our monitored intrusion detection services through Keystone Fire and Security will keep your business safe throughout operating hours and more.

What is Monitored Intrusion Detection?

Keeping unauthorized individuals out of your business’s perimeter is key. A monitored intrusion detection system involves placing alarms and notification systems around your property that will detect any breach of your property by unauthorized individuals. Simply installing such a system can effectively increase the level of security you have within your facility.

What Types of Businesses Most Benefit From Intrusion Detection?

In reality, any type of modern business can benefit from some form of intrusion detection, although some more so than others. If your business houses important information about customers, you have valuable products stored, such as inventory, or you have a reason to question the safety of your employees while on the job, due to your facility’s location or a history of incidents, then intrusion detection makes a great deal of sense for your company. In addition, our services through Keystone Fire and Security are customizable, meaning any business can alter their security plan to fit their individual needs, policies, and budget while maintaining a high level of security. These alarms integrate seamlessly with smoke alarms, video cameras, door monitoring systems, etc.

Overall Benefits of Intrusion Detection

When protecting your business from intruders, or those who have not been given access for any reason at all, it’s important to have a perimeter of safety, meaning your doors, gates, and other applicable entry points are protected and monitored. Monitored intrusion detection will include immediate notification of any breach using email or text. Reports will also be given that identify problem areas, such as doors that have been propped open or unauthorized entrance of individuals. The following are some notable benefits that any business can enjoy with this type of monitored intrusion detection:

  • Fast Response by Law Enforcement: In the event that a breach occurs, meaning someone gains unauthorized entrance into your building and is deemed a threat, having a monitored detection system in place will alert law enforcement and get them headed your way much sooner.
  • Employee Sense of Security: Having a system in place to monitor the coming and goings of individuals on your business property should also help your employees feel more secure. Let’s face it, the world we live in today doesn’t feel safe. That’s in large part because it isn’t always safe. Thankfully, having intrusion detection in place can make your business a safer place to work.
  • Saves You Money: While you might consider a security system like intrusion detection an expense, it is one that can end up saving you a great deal of money over time. Just imagine what would happen if someone who had ill intentions of stealing gained access to your stock. They could steal your livelihood right from under you and get away with it in many cases, because there were no security cameras or systems in place to protect you. Therefore, if you prevent just one instance of theft, then your security system is well worth the investment, and that’s to say nothing of just the sense of safety it offers your employees, yourself and all those who have legitimate access to your facility.

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