What Is A Bi-Directional Amplifier?

Dec 29, 2022 | Fire Protection System

In an emergency situation, it is critical that first responders are able to communicate clearly with one another via their two-way radios. However, there are many buildings that contain isolated areas where the signal strength is simply not strong enough to work as it is needed to. This can be the direct result of the geographic location of the structure, its architectural design, or the construction materials that were used to build it. Regardless of the reason, weakened radio signal strength can be disastrous in the event of a crisis. If emergency personnel cannot adequately communicate during a rescue attempt, people may sustain serious harm.

Thankfully, there is a valid solution to this problem. A bi-directional amplifier system is a device that boosts radio signals by enhancing the radio frequency signal coverage area. Since these systems ensure that a reliable, strong signal will be provided at all times to emergency responders, the building, its occupants, and its assets will be much better protected in the event of a disaster.

Bi-directional Amplifier Systems Boost Multiple Signal Types

There are two distinct technologies bolstered by a bi-directional amplifier system. That is because cellular signals are boosted in addition to two-way radio signals using a diverse system. Two-way radios are used in emergency situations by police and other rescuers because of their high-powered signals, which are far more efficient and reliable over the long run. However, increasing cellular signals allows civilians to call for help and communicate with emergency workers during a crisis event. Having dead cellular zones or unavailable cellular service can many times be the difference between life and death.

Invest In A Bi-Directional Amplifier System

Keystone Fire and Security can custom-design appropriate bi-directional amplifiers for any building, regardless of size, shape, or composition. We are the experts at providing fire protection services in Lehigh Valley, PA, as well as life-saving equipment for those on the front line during some of life’s most stressful moments. We can assure you and your occupants that your building will be free of signal interference and dead spots.

We specialize in bi-directional amplifiers that are powerful enough to strengthen signals in even the least likely of spaces, such as basements, stairwells, and even tunnels. That is because we have extensive expertise and advanced equipment to overcome any seemingly impossible challenges when it comes to signal strength. So, give us a call today, or contact us online, to learn more about this life-saving technology that you have at your disposal. For fire safety services in NJ that you can depend on, trust Keystone Fire and Security. 


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