The Best Software to Protect Your Campus 

May 12, 2023 | Security

There were 27,300 criminal incidents on college campuses during the year 2019 reported to security and law enforcement agencies. What this means is for every 10,000 full-time-equivalent students, 18.7 of them were involved in an on-campus crime. These statistics are terrifying if you are a parent of a college-aged child, and it’s important for your college or university to ensure all students are safe. Our security monitoring systems in Philadelphia will help to secure your campus and protect your students, staff, and faculty. 

The Importance of a Reliable Security System

 Having a security system that is reliable is an important way to protect a university campus, faculty, and students. In addition, it is also a great way to guard your business and personal assets against criminal activity. Video surveillance is another excellent security option for school campuses. 

Features of Our Video Surveillance Systems

When you are in need of a video surveillance system to protect your college campus, Keystone Fire and Security offers the following:

  • Simple integration into the current security system
  • Minimal cost for operation
  • Maximum security
  • Adapts to the future of security advancements
  • Enhanced asset tracking
  • Flexible solutions and scalable options

We Design Campus Security Solutions

The software we use to protect your campus is a platform customized for your specific security needs. Our systems take a proactive approach to the many security facets, from violence prevention to detecting potential threats.

Contact Us for the Best Software Protection

Keystone Fire and Security offers security monitoring systems in Philadelphia for schools, businesses, and commercial properties. If you are considering a commercial security system, keep in mind that it is not a one size fits all system. The number of assets and business size are two factors in determining a video surveillance solution. Affordability is another factor to consider when considering a security monitoring system. Our security systems are an affordable way to provide the necessary security and video surveillance your campus requires. When you are concerned about the safety of your students, faculty, and overall campus, contact Keystone Fire and Security. Your security is our number one priority!


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