We Offer The Best Security Monitoring Systems For Your Business


our business needs to be protected. Just like a criminal would spend time canvassing a business they want to break into, you need to put as much effort into improving your security. Keystone is the best security company to trust when you want to affordably secure your building. We provide custom business security systems, designed specifically to fit your needs.

When you choose to work with Keystone, you choose to work with a security company that treats you like a partner. Your safety and success matter to us, as does protecting your physical assets, sensitive data, and employees.

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What Our Commercial Security Systems Provide

Low-cost operation
Maximum security
Scalable options & Flexible solutions
Seamless integrations into existing security solutions
Easy Adaptability for future security integrations


We are known as access control specialists in Philadelphia that can upgrade your existing system or install brand new technology. If you have access control security systems in place among multiple locations, we can unify the systems for easy, centralized monitoring. Unifying multi-location access control systems allows for better organization in device monitoring and decreased risk of security gaps or oversight.

We also offer security system repair in the event your current security systems are malfunctioning. Sometimes a device goes offline due to human interference – like breaking a card reader – or because of an overdue software update. Other security companies may only install these systems and make you rely on another vendor for repair. Keystone works with security systems at all stages, from design and installation to service and repair, so you only need to trust one company to secure your business.


Another highly effective security solution we provide is perimeter detection. Using perimeter motion detectors in Philadelphia, we can help businesses stay alert of potential security threats.

Perimeter detection helps stop a threat to your business at the edge of your property. Motion detectors installed along fences or exterior walls can differentiate between humans and animals and alert your security team by text message or email of a potential security breach. In stopping a threat far from your business’s front door, you reduce the risk of a break-in or burglary.

Perimeter detection is one facet of a larger intrusion detection system. When integrated with other devices like glass-break sensors at windows, a door monitoring system, and infrared (IR) or light sensors, your business has greater protection and lower chance of a false alarm.

Keep Your Business Safe With Our Reliable Security Systems

>> Download Unified Security Management PDF

Integrating video surveillance with an intrusion detection or access control system improves overall security ten-fold. Security monitoring systems become much more valuable when they work together.

When installing Philadelphia surveillance cameras, the Keystone team will find the most effective locations to monitor traffic at your business, like key entry points, highly traveled areas like hallways, and outside rooms with sensitive information. These systems are so advanced, they are able to recognize faces and compare the information to a database, which could, for example, alert you to a blacklisted visitor or to an employee attempting to access an area that requires higher credentials.

For the retail store owner who is concerned about grainy images, Keystone has high-quality surveillance cameras that can help identify suspects. Images are clear and footage can be recorded in 1080p high definition. Some new technology can zoom 12 times and retain a clear picture, allowing you to capture suspicious activity from a distance.

Video surveillance also acts as a deterrent for most criminals. When they see a camera pointed directly at them, following their every move, they typically think twice about their actions.

These security solutions can also improve your production process and quality control.

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Top Commercial & Residential Security Company?

Protecting you and your property is our specialty. With comprehensive protection the only acceptable outcome, our dedicated security professionals in Philadelphia combine decades of insight with top-tier security solutions to protect you from a wider variety of modern-day risks.

When you trust in our commercial and residential security experts near Philadelphia, PA, you are choosing: 

  • Industry-leading security technology: From smart-device camera monitoring to automated access control solutions, our advanced solutions simplify safety and accessibility from the parking lot to the showroom floor. 
  • Support for challenging security scenarios: Our leading security company has developed and improved security systems for homes of every size and companies in every industry. Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, or service provider in Philadelphia, we customize our proven security solutions for your specific safety needs.
  • The best follow-up support in Philadelphia: Our experts are here to help before, during, and after your new monitoring and alarm systems are installed in Philadelphia. Whether you need a quick camera repair or you want to update your companies with a multi-building security plan, factual advice, and accessible support guide every service at Keystone Fire & Security.

All our best monitoring and security solutions start with transparent pricing and creative ideas to make the most of your residential or commercial security plan. Anyone can install a camera or door alarm. We take the time to evaluate your current system, organize a better plan, and outline how we can repair, modernize, or install a safer security setup. 

To get started with your budget-friendly home or facility security improvement, reach out to our security system repair and installation experts for an informative consultation in Philadelphia today.  

Choose Our Top Security Systems

Do not settle for low-end service from other security companies. For comprehensive service and integrated solutions customized to your business, trust the experts at Keystone. Whether you need to centralize your security monitoring systems or install security systems at multiple locations, we are the security company that can handle the size of your project.