Important Safety Tests For Your Building

Feb 15, 2023 | Fire Safety Tips

Safety is a huge part of owning any business or building. Ensuring that your building is safe and secure is a must and can help you to keep your staff and employees safe. There are a few different safety tests that need to be done to ensure the building is safe.

1. Audible Alarms

This one is needed to ensure that all the alarms are functioning as they should be. You want to make sure that you test the fire alarms regularly and that if they are damaged or not working properly, you have them repaired. This is vital for safety during a fire emergency. 

2. Antifreeze Solution

This is testing that has to do with the sprinkler system in your building. If you have a fire system that requires antifreeze to work properly, you need to ensure that the proper levels of antifreeze are in the system. Otherwise, your sprinkler system may not be reliable. 

3. Hydrostatic Testing of Cylinders

For those that are getting fire alarm testing in South Jersey, your fire extinguishers are also going to have to be tested. This is a test that is going to ensure that the extinguishers that you have on-site are properly pressurized, that they have enough water or other liquid, and that they are working properly. This is a must.

4. Obstruction Testing

This is testing to ensure that the sprinklers are working properly and that they are not clogged when the time comes that they need to be used.

Do You Need Professional Testing?

Professional safety testing is a must for any building and any business. It can make such a difference if you do get your testing done professionally to ensure that all the alarm systems are working properly. When it comes to your safety and alarm systems, you cannot afford a malfunction. 

Professional testing is going to be the fastest, most efficient, and safest means of having your fire alarm and fire protection systems taken care of and maintained. If you have a fire system that does need to be tested, we can help. Contact us today to get your testing done and to ensure that your fire systems are working properly.


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