How To Keep Our Parking Lot Safe

Sep 15, 2021 | Services

Having a properly maintained parking lot will give your company a reliable reputation. A well-designed parking lot makes it more pleasant and frequently implies good management.

Accidents and crime are common in parking lots. Fortunately, you can have security options from Keystone fire and protection to add to our parking area. There are several corporate security systems in Bucks County, PA, which are available to help safeguard your parking space.

The following are some recommendations for employers or property managers to keep workers and guests safe in parking areas.

Free walking surfaces from tripping accidents: Trips caused by parking restrictions are all too frequent. Ensure walkways, pathways, and other walking surfaces are free of cracks or debris that might cause a fall. The edges of sidewalks should be smooth & level. The footpath ends, ledges, and leveling changes should be visible to prevent accidents.

Install and maintain handrails: At level changes, handrails or guardrails should be in place. It must be sturdy, firmly fastened, and positioned at the correct height to assist pedestrians.

Secure adequate drainage: Water or ice might cause people to slip and fall. We should check water drains for blockages and clear the storm drains. Drain grates should be visible from the parking surface, and there should be no puddles in parking lots or walkways.

Install clear signage: Mark every access point and entry and exit to buildings and walkways. Signs should not obstruct driver sightlines. If we have a shuttle bus, make sure the pickup and drop-off points are apparent.

Use adequate lighting: Ensure that our facility is well-lit throughout the driving and walking paths. Elevators, stairwells, and the outer sections of parking garages are all high-risk locations.

Also, consider leveraging lighting for driver safety. For motorists entering a shaded garage, the contrast between bright daylight and a dark interior may cause temporary blindness. You can lower the danger of this transition by overlighting parking garages’ entrances.

Maintain a surveillance system: Installing a CCTV system allows us to keep track of any activity within your parking areas more easily. It is a tool that can significantly enhance the efficiency of your security staff. Law enforcement, escorts, and access control systems in Montgomery County, PA can all be used as security measures too.

Plan a routine maintenance schedule: Exteriors that aren’t well-lit can be a safety hazard. Cracks, depressions, and potholes can develop quickly with no warning signs or symptoms. To manage the parking lot safely, set a budget for periodic pavement resurfacing and other required repairs.

Workers should be encouraged to report any situations in the parking lot that they feel are dangerous or unsafe. Quickly and correctly addressing reports of hazardous conditions will help keep our company running smoothly and avoid allowing your parking space to become a danger. All of our workers may feel safe and secure at work if we take the appropriate measures.

Contact commercial security systems in Chester County, PA, if you want to learn more about working with Keystone Fire & Protection to add security to your parking lot.


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