How to Find a Security Installation Company You Can Trust Part 2

Jul 12, 2020 | News, Services

A properly installed and maintained security system in Allentown, PA is one of the best ways to prevent trespassers, thieves, and crime on your property. Whether it is an office building, manufacturing facility, healthcare facility or hospital, retail store or any other work site, you should have a strong security system to safeguard your people, property, and belongings. 

There is no doubt that having the right security system is paramount but finding the best security installation company to do quality work can be challenging. You want to find an installer and service provider you can trust. 

In this article, we explain how to find a reliable security installation company near you.

Referrals and Reviews

A trustworthy security installation company will have a solid reputation within the industry and local business community. Ask people you know for their recommendations. If they had a security system installed, inquire about the company and how they liked it. A personal recommendation goes a long way for finding a security installer that you can trust. Additionally, you should research online for reviews. Look at company websites for reviews, but also check third-party review sites. Pay the most attention to detailed reviews that explain what the customer did or did not like about the company. This will be much more helpful than the reviews that just leave a few stars or a thumbs-up. Of course, look for security installers with many positive reviews. 

Company Website

Most searches for a reputable security installer will begin online. Pay close attention to the company’s website. A trustworthy company will have a professional website that is easy to navigate and describes products and services in detail. Those that provide additional information or explain their services in a way that is easy to understand is also key. Commercial security can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be with the right service provider. Look for customer testimonials and examples of their work in case studies and videos. You should also be able to easily find their contact information with multiple ways to get in touch with the service department or a sales representative. 

Speak with the Company  

Once you have done some research and are interested in a particular security installation company, you should talk to them before scheduling any services. Analyze their customer service, are they attentive and responsive? This is a good indication of how they would treat you on the job. 

The company should be able to answer all your questions, describe their process, and provide a quote. Always get a detailed quote before booking the installation service. The best companies will do an in-person evaluation of your space to give you an accurate, customized quote. These companies also offer more than just security system installation; they offer continued service and maintenance, as well, to ensure long term system functionality and customer satisfaction.

Custom Security Installation You Can Trust 

You can count on custom security solutions from the local security industry experts at Keystone Fire and Security. We provide top of the line security systems in Montgomery County, PA and surrounding areas for both single and multiple locations. Our team will provide you with a free consultation and, after installation, continued services 24/7. To learn more about our security installation or to book a free consultation with your personal Life Safety Advisor, contact Keystone Fire and Security at 610-439-1600 or [email protected].

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