Protect Your Business With Our Commercial Security Systems

When you need the best commercial security systems on the market, you shouldn’t settle for halfway measures. Security companies that offer products without continued service are not fully invested in protecting your business. That is where Keystone is different.

We provide security systems in Montgomery County, PA uniquely designed to keep your business safe. We act as a true partner in your security to successfully keep your assets safe and your employees protected. Here are a few of the security systems that could benefit your business in Montgomery County, PA.

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Benefits of Access Control Systems

The key benefits of including an access control system into your business security plan are:
Limit traffic flow to approved areas
Cut down on employee theft or outside threats
Protection of sensitive data
Protection of valuable assets

We can also provide a business security system installation of video surveillance in Montgomery County, PA. Our installers will carefully examine the interior and exterior of your business and determine the security camera locations will be the most effective.

 Video surveillance allows your security team to quickly identify criminal activity in real time. It can also be used to ward off criminals from attempted criminal activity; studies show burglars are less likely to strike at a business when video surveillance cameras are visible. Overall, business security systems should aim for the prevention of criminal activity through system integration.

Video surveillance can also provide a way to assure product quality and production efficiency in manufacturing.  Keeping an eye on the production line, critical access points, delivery of materials, and assembly areas helps cut down on unnecessary waste, potential product tampering and equipment downtime.

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Depending on what corporate security systems your business in Montgomery County, PA needs, we can find the right solution for you. Our security systems begin with a careful examination of the site to determine what commercial security systems will benefit your business or facility the most. From there, we determine whether your current business security systems need to be replaced or can be integrated with new security system technology. Next, we install the chosen corporate security systems and monitor them to ensure they operate at their highest capabilities.

We do not stop with installation. Keystone promises every customer continued service. Whether you need inspections, central station monitoring, maintenance, emergency repair, or even user training, Keystone has you covered. Your dedicated Life Safety Advisor will be your connection to uninterrupted, exceptional service, day or night.


Another one of our business security system solutions is intrusion detection in Montgomery County, PA. One of the best ways to keep your business safe is to implement corporate security systems outside. Our installers will walk the perimeter of your property to determine how best to implement intrusion detection.

One great option is a business security system installation of motion detectors. The detectors can alert you or your security team of any threats on your property before they have a chance to enter your business. If a door opens that should not be opened or if a locked door opens after business hours, your security team will know immediately.

From fence sensors, surveillance cameras, laser and infrared motion detectors to door contact closures and glass break sensors, we deploy state-of-the art intrusion detection technology based on proven system design methodology.

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We’re access control specialists in Montgomery County, PA. Access control can help keep criminals away from important and sensitive areas in your business. Our professional installers will evaluate your building security needs and determine the best locations to install access control.

We want to help curb the flow of traffic of your customers, building visitors, and low-level employees. By implementing access control, only those with clearance can enter the areas with the most expensive equipment and sensitive information.

We’ll take the time to learn the layout of your business and what you aim to protect, then personally design an access control system tailored to your business, one with access system integrations that can easily work with your current system, or we can install a brand new system entirely.

During the planning and design process, we account for the areas that employees regularly visit, the doors they use to leave and enter the building, as well as the most heavily populated areas for customers. We want to make sure the access control systems do not interfere with workflow and efficiency or customer experience while still maintaining absolute security.

Once the design is complete and has your approval, we get to work on installing your access control system. After installation, we take the time to teach you how to use your system and provide you continued service should a question or problem ever arise.

With an access control system in place, your company’s security will undoubtedly be tighter.

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When you need reliable commercial security systems, trust Keystone to provide you the best the industry has to offer. Our team keeps up to date with the latest technology to ensure you get the best security solutions for your business and budget. Keep your business, its assets, and employees safer with Keystone on your side.