How AutoVu License Plate Recognition Can Protect Your Community

Oct 11, 2023 | Security

As an apartment complex manager, ensuring the safety of the residents and keeping the complex functioning are among your top duties. This includes stopping trouble before it starts, and part of that means monitoring who’s driving into and parking in the complex. Finding cars parked without permits or seeing criminals drive through the lot looking for cars to break into can be among the more frustrating issues that managers deal with. The AutoVu license plate recognition system can help you eliminate that frustration.

How These Readers Can Help You

The AutoVu system snaps pictures of license plates as cars drive into and past the parking lot of your complex. They help you track who comes in and out of the lot, and the system automatically identifies those plates that need additional attention. These systems can work with both apartment complexes and local police to keep the apartment complex and residents safe. If a car with a stolen plate shows up, for example, police can be notified quickly so they can arrest the driver.

The Cameras Do Work

The point of the cameras is not to see how people are driving but to find cars whose license plates have been singled out, either for routine purposes (e.g., the car has an associated parking permit allowing it to be parked in the complex’s lot) or “of interest” purposes (e.g., the car was reported stolen or belongs to a friend of a resident who’s been told to leave the complex and not return because of previous behavior).

If you want more control over who’s parking in your lot and want to prevent criminals from gaining access to stolen cars, these cameras can work very quickly.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

You might get pushback from residents who don’t want to be surveilled. This is understandable because there’s a lot of misinformation about what the plate readers do and what happens to the data. Post notices to let people know up front that the readers are present, and do what you can to avoid getting non-parking areas on camera.

For example, if you aim a camera at one part of the lot, and the picture includes a full view of the barbecue area, try to adjust the camera to not film that barbecue patio. And do not aim the camera where it could pick up people’s patios and balconies whenever possible. Keeping the cameras at the entrance to and exit from the parking lot should help reduce that risk.

Also, be very clear with residents and visitors about what will happen to the license plate data. Tell them where it will go and for how long it will be held.

Get AutoVu & Other Access Control Systems With Keystone Fire & Security

Keeping your residents safe is one of your top priorities, and that means ensuring you know who’s on the property and whether or not they’re supposed to be there. AutoVu license plate recognition helps identify cars that require police attention, either because they’ve been stolen or because they belong to people you’ve told not to return to the complex. If you want to find a security company in Philadelphia that can help you spot those license plates, call Keystone Fire and Security. Whether you need the actual AutoVu system installed, or you want to look at other access system integrations in Philadelphia, we can help. 


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