Are you looking to install an Access Control System?

When you need professional access control systems in Philadelphia, Keystone is the company to call. As a local security company, we understand the importance of a strong relationship between our company and yours. We do not want to just install an access control system at your business and leave you without support. Our goal is to implement full access system integrations and provide continued support to help you realize maximum return on investment.

We are partners in your security. Your safety is our priority. With the help of our team, your access control systems will work to their fullest potential.

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What We Provide

With access system integrations, Keystone customers can:

Maximize security and protection
Minimize operational costs
Discover additional benefits of existing security systems
Find scalable and flexible solutions to fit budget size
Leave opportunity for future security investments

Simply put, our access control systems help keep your employees, physical assets, and information safe. Access control restricts the movement of low-level staff and customers to certain areas. This can be done through installed devices like card readers, keypads, or biometric scanners that require fingerprint or optic confirmation for entry. By reducing traffic flow, it will be much easier to monitor movement in and out of your business or through areas with sensitive information.

Protection of your customers and assets is vital. Our professional access control specialists can help ensure your company in Philadelphia has a properly installed system with access system integrations that optimize your security.  >> Contact Us


One of the benefits of working with Keystone is having a team that specializes in a variety of security systems. Your access control system may work perfectly, but it can provide added security when integrated with video surveillance, intrusion detection, or door monitoring systems in Philadelphia. Our professional access control specialists can perform access system integrations into any existing security setup, which means you get more for your money. There exists even greater benefit in trusting Keystone for all your security system installation and service needs, so our team can ensure your devices interact seamlessly across platforms.

This is vital because it helps reduce organizational risk. When your Philadelphia business has various security systems tied into different networks, oversight can happen. The chance for oversight increases if your business has multiple locations and different security system networks for each. When it comes to protecting your people and property, you cannot afford any oversight.

There is a reason we are called Keystone Fire and Security – it is because we are the best in integrating new security technology with your existing systems and devices.

Another benefit in working with our team of access control specialists is help with customizing your system to produce desired outcomes like timed schedules and restrictions. Access control software can allow you perform specific tasks remotely like locking your building doors at the end of the business day or unlocking doors on the weekend exclusively for cleaning staff.

Access control can also work well to keep customers and low-level employees from entering restricted areas. For instance, a big box store could use access control to lock employee break rooms or restrict access to its warehouse, allowing only those with proper credentials to enter. A bank could use access control to lock the vault, giving access to only specific individuals with high clearance.

Our access control specialists can help further customize your system to restrict even your high-level employees from accessing certain rooms outside of predetermined work hours. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to tailor your access control system to perform different functions at each device and door.

Detailed Entry and Departure Records

Keystone access control systems are equipped with easy-to-use software that gives employers full control of their building security. We can help create daily reports of detailed entry logs and departure records. When suspicious activity occurs, you will be able to refer to the access logs to see who entered the space in question and exactly when, down to the second. This proves especially helpful in tracking down suspects in instances of theft. Or if you simply wish to ensure employees are arriving on time and working a full shift, your access control software can provide a custom database of entry and departure logs for each employee at your business.

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Businesses searching for access control systems in Delaware County, PA have also trusted the Keystone team with installation and service. As a business owner in Philadelphia, you owe it to yourself and your employees to be better protected. For the best access control systems in Philadelphia, call the security specialists at Keystone today.