Fire Safety Systems For Industrial Kitchens

May 30, 2023 | Fire Safety Tips

When thinking about fire safety systems in an industrial kitchen OSHA requires employers to train employees on fire extinguisher use. Training on the use of a fire extinguisher is mandated upon hire and each year thereafter. It is imperative the session covers how to tell if a fire is too large to handle. In addition, your training must cover the early stages of firefighting called the PASS system.

What are Popular Kinds of Kitchen Fire Protection?

Some of the popular kinds of kitchen fire protection include automatic fire suppression, known as a wet chemical system. It is often noticed in commercial kitchens and the industry of fire protection recognizes it as an effective form of fire suppression. Keystone Fire & Security has the best fire suppression systems in South Jersey for commercial kitchens. 

What are Common Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

An industrial plant contains an extremely perilous environment as well as systems for fire suppression. These systems are made to extinguish a fire that is fueled by liquid fuels, chemicals, or hazardous matter. Because of these reasons, a system of suppressing an industrial fire uses dry chemicals. Keystone Fire & Security offers industrial fire suppression in Delaware for your industrial kitchen.

Water is not able to extinguish all fires, in fact, water can often create more harm than the actual fire does. For this reason, it is imperative the agent used for extinguishing a fire is crucial in designing the suppression system.

How Does a Fire Suppression System Operate? 

The most important part of the infrastructure of fire protection is a fire suppression system. The term “fire suppression” is a cumulative saying for a group of engineering units designed for putting a fire out. To achieve this, one must apply a substance like foam, chemical, or water compounds to extinguish it.

What is a System for Industrial Fire Protection?

The secret to industrial fire protection is developing ways to avert or decrease fire-related losses and accidents. To ensure workplace safety as well as for property and lives, these industrial fire protection policies must be adhered to.

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For more than sixty-five years, Keystone Fire & Security has been creating specialized systems of fire suppression. As a matter of fact, fire suppression is how we first began. Keystone has the answers needed to guard specialized assets. These assets include data storage rooms, commercial operations for cooking, artwork, and other industrial hazards which may be flammable. To ensure your precious assets are safe in the event of an industrial fire, contact Keystone Fire & Security. We look forward to serving you and providing your industrial kitchen with fire safety protection.


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