Benefits Of Updating Your School’s Sprinkler System

Aug 29, 2023 | Fire Suppression Systems

Summer is an excellent time to make upgrades or repairs to school buildings as you can make any changes without worrying about students potentially extending the duration of the project or being injured during renovations. But while school building admins may focus primarily on adding new buildings or upgrading technological infrastructure, few may prioritize fire safety. Specifically, the updating or repairing of existing sprinkler systems. If your sprinkler systems have been in place for a while, here are some of the reasons and benefits of updating your school’s sprinkler system before the back-to-school season.

It’s an Upfront Investment That Defends Against More Costly Repairs in the Future

It can be easy to justify not repairing, replacing, or updating fire sprinkler systems. After all, if the chance of fire is rare, why spend the money to fix something now? The problem is that fires do occur, and the damage done to your building can far outweigh the costs of taking the time to ensure your sprinkler system is in order now. While some systems need more care and attention than others, it’s all worth it for your school.

It Provides Peace of Mind for All Staff

Staff want to teach and work in a place where they feel as though they’re protected. This includes everyone, whether they’re a chemistry teacher who works in a classroom where the threat of fire may be inherently higher or an administrator who works in an office in another building. With an up-to-date sprinkler system designed to put out fires the moment it detects them, they know that they’ll be able to navigate their day-to-day job in a district that prioritizes their safety and well-being.

It Can Keep Your School Operating and Help You Avoid Penalties

An outdated or potentially broken sprinkler system doesn’t just threaten the current infrastructure or the staff and students, it threatens the school as a whole. When facilities aren’t up to fire code, your school could face severe penalties, ranging from fines to building evacuations that will stay in place until the sprinkler system has been repaired and is safe to reenter. This can be a major disruption in the middle of the school year, and can easily result in monetary issues that would be avoided if the sprinkler system were updated or replaced as soon as an issue was noticed. Taking the time to deal with it now helps you create a safe environment for learning.

Protect Your School Buildings Now With Keystone Fire and Security

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