3 Ways To Increase Your Security Efforts With Keystone Fire & Security

Aug 25, 2021 | Fire Protection Services, Fire Protection System, Services

We understand that security is a top concern for your business. Whether you’re protecting sensitive information or expensive equipment, physical protection of your assets is crucial. Security aims to protect property, people, and physical assets from events that could result in damage or loss.

Unfortunately, basic security systems may not be enough to protect your business from real-world threats. It might be time to level up your security efforts against business security threats by upgrading your security systems, adding access control, and using license plate recognition.

Upgrade Security Systems

We cannot stress enough the importance of regularly checking your business’ security system. We perform a security system audit to identify the weaknesses in your current system brought by defective or outdated equipment. We will then determine the areas that need improvement.

We will check if all software is updated and your equipment is properly working. If you notice any problems with your security system, it could be telling you that it’s time for an update.

As a security provider, we are aware of the changes in technology, and we can recommend ways to upgrade your security system when updates or add-ons become available. Whether you are looking to install, update, or upgrade your business security system, we can discuss with you all your options.

Add Access Control

An access control system improves your business’ security by allowing or restricting access to a room, building, or other business areas. It’s a physical security feature that controls who can enter or gain access to a site at a specific time.

The person who needs to enter an access-controlled area must show their credentials. This can be physical in the form of a card or digitals, like a username, password, or PIN, or biometric scan. The person shows or enters the credentials, and this information is sent to the access control unit, which authorizes the person and unlocks the door.

If the person fails to confirm their identity, they will not be allowed entry. We also allow customization of your access control software for other details. For example, restricting times in which an employee can gain entry. This prevents employees from getting inside the building or other areas after work hours.

Life is easier for you and your employees with an access control system. We can help if you’re looking to include access system integrations in Bucks County.

License Plate Recognition

We can also help integrate license plate recognition into your present surveillance system for additional benefits and features. License plate recognition works using video analytics to scan license plates of vehicles that enter the parking lot and then store this information into a database. Adding this security feature will make your parking lot safer.

Our advanced license plate recognition solution can help your business in many ways, such as improving parking compliance, automating vehicle access control, and recovering stolen vehicles.

Main Takeaways

Leveling up your security efforts will improve the protection of your business’ assets, including your employees, equipment, building, or data from breaches, intrusion, or other harmful events.

You can do this by upgrading your security systems, adding access control, and integrating license plate recognition into your surveillance system. We are ready to help give you peace of mind when it comes to your business’ security.


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