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Businesses in Bucks County need not look far for the best access control systems. Keystone is a local commercial security company devoted to helping businesses protect their data, assets, information, and employees. We consider you a partner, meaning that your success is our success.

Alone or in concert, the security systems we offer are all installed and serviced by industry experts, so you can be assured you are receiving the best solution for your budget.

Keep reading to learn how access control system integration can help your business.

Access System Integrations Bucks County
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What We Provide

We offer a variety of security systems in Bucks County PA with services like security camera installation in Bucks County PA, intrusion detection system installation, license plate recognition installation and training, and more. Keystone’s access control systems are designed to provide the following:

Minimum cost


Maximum safety

Flexible solutions

Scalable solutions

Adaptability for future integrations


The core purpose of access control systems in Bucks County, PA is to provide protection. In particular, they are designed to protect lives, assets, information, and data. By restraining who is permitted inside of certain rooms, you can ensure that the items and people within that room are kept safe.

Our access control specialists can help you determine the best access system integrations for your business like tying it in to your existing video surveillance system, as well as optimal locations for access control devices like keypads, card readers, or biometric scanners. We provide both single location devices and devices capable of working together across numerous campuses.

This allows us to keep the operational cost of the access system low while providing you maximum security.

Access control system integrations with your IT Directory allows for easy, centralized management. Allow your information to work for you – logged credentials can allow or deny access into the building or specific rooms. For multi-site organizations, manage access for building cardholders from a single place, limiting opportunity for directory discrepancies.

Access control software allows for customization of finer details, as well, like restricting times employees can clock in or denying permission for re-entry after business hours. For example, if an employee leaves work at the end of a shift but realizes they forgot a personal item at their desk, they are allowed a window of time or a single opportunity to access the building before they are locked out for the evening.


Another great benefit that our systems provide is a log of those who have entered and departed through each door. Our access control specialists can help you generate a log of those who have used the door along with a custom report so you know exactly who has been accessing your building or certain rooms and when.

When used in conjunction with a video surveillance system, you can track movement throughout your building. For instance, you can program your access control system to activate a nearby camera when an employee swipes their card or enters their key code. The video surveillance system can log the person’s face and match it to records to ensure the individual matches the card or code they are using. It can also activate cameras throughout the building to follow the person’s movements to ensure they are going where they are permitted.

Our Process
  1. Before access control system installation, our access control specialists will survey your entire business to determine locations of high-risk like entry points and secure areas.
  2. Next, our team installs access control devices and can integrate the software into your existing security system for optimal use. Our access systems integrations are seamless, limiting security risk that can occur when less experienced security companies attempt to link different types of security systems.
  3. For the best business security, you want systems that work flawlessly together. When a Keystone Fire and Security customer calls for one type of system installation, they call back for another, and they trust the Keystone Fire and Security team for continued service.

Let’s Get Started.

Our access control systems are unmatched. Contact us today to see how Keystone access control specialists can improve your business’s security.

Our team of experts will work with you to assess your current system and provide recommendations and industry best practices to maximize your investment.