Why No Open Flame Policy Are Important to Reinforce

Sep 21, 2023 | Fire Protection Services

A fire is an unpredictable event that requires speed and containment to keep it from damaging a structure. The danger of fire is something that people learn at a very young age, yet many decide to ignore the risks and use an open flame where they shouldn’t. An open flame has multiple sources such as the burning of a candle, blowing off fireworks, or using an alcohol stove, and all can cause a fire in no time.

The fact that people ignore safety rules and start open flames regardless of the rules is the reason why no open flame policies are important. Here’s a look at why it’s important to reinforce these policies and make sure that your building is equipped with commercial fire protection in Lancaster County to prevent a fire from taking hold.

Furthering Comprehension of Fire Hazard

Going over a no-open flame policy more than once serves to drive home the policy more thoroughly than a one-and-done training session. It refreshes the initial training and helps everyone involved become more proficient in the use of their knowledge. This goes for key stakeholders whose job it is to make sure no one is using an open flame where they shouldn’t, and also helps reinforce the policy to occupants of a building or property.

Engaging in Preventative Maintenance

Awareness is key to preventing a fire from starting, as is impressing upon people the reasons why there are to be no open flames. Someone who needs to use an open flame is more likely to do their work in a setting where it’s safe to light a fire or flame. Another benefit is the permission to take action to put it out or get back up from an authority figure for the protection of the building and its occupants

Training Staff to Recognize the Signs of an Open Flame

Building staff, regardless of their duties or work title, are your eyes on the ground when it comes to identifying an open flame. It’s a wise idea to make sure they understand and recognize the signs of an open flame by testing their knowledge on a regular basis. You can also check to see if they know how to detect when people are using a heat source that can cause a fire and how to handle the situation.

The more familiar building staff becomes with recognizing objects and items that can start a fire, the more proactive they can be. While it’s not always possible to catch the use of an open flame by someone who’s ignoring the rules, your staff can greatly reduce the risk of a fire starting when they know what to look for.

Teaching People Why Open Flames are a Bad Idea in Certain Settings

It’s not always obvious to people as to why it’s a bad idea to have an open flame, especially when it’s left unattended for periods of time. Taking the time to explain the reason for a no open flame policy and why it’s enforced helps to initiate the discussion and create awareness. Checking in after the initial conversation helps underscore the importance of not starting an open flame, the general awareness of those in charge of the property, and improves compliance.

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