When is it Time to Replace the Loudspeakers at a Stadium?

Oct 21, 2022 | Communication Systems

The stadium speakers are used throughout the day, every day, for many years. While their life spans can vary widely, sometimes a loudspeaker can become damaged and need replacement. So when is it time to replace the speakers at a stadium?


One of the primary factors in determining when it is time to replace a set of speakers is the age of the speakers. The sound quality and clarity tends to suffer in older systems. If you notice popping noises, static, or audio cuts, it’s probably time for a new audio system. New loudspeakers allow for maximized performance in long ranges, so sound coverage is strong throughout the entire stadium. 

Power Usage

Another factor in determining whether or not it is time to replace a loudspeaker system is power usage. With multiple speakers, amplifiers, and other equipment contributing to power usage, it can become costly. Sound systems that need replacement will be less efficient. With power usage potentially being one of the most significant money drains for stadiums, they must monitor their consumption so as not to overtax or overuse their systems. New, high quality loudspeakers will use power more efficiently. 

Frequency Range and Depth

Newer speakers can produce higher frequencies, producing better bass adjustment and enabling you to hear every little detail within your sound system. Also, the new speakers are more efficient in producing higher power output. That means you will have more headroom and not have to worry about your volume being too loud for the people watching.

As a stadium’s sound system deteriorates, it may be time to replace the loudspeakers. It is challenging to identify when this replacement should happen since factors such as compromised security issues, age, power usage, frequency range, and depth of the loudspeakers could contribute to the decision.


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