When is it Ideal to Have a Dry Sprinkler System?

Dec 12, 2016 | Sprinkler Systems

Not all buildings and areas within a building are created equal. These different environments frequently require different approaches to fire protection. For example, dry sprinkler systems are specifically designed for buildings that are susceptible to freezing temperatures. Examples include:

  • Unheated warehouses
  • Retail and residential parking garages
  • Loading docks
  • Commercial freezers and cooler boxes
  • Commercial/residential attics

Basically, any outdoor or unheated structure which requires sprinkler protection needs a dry sprinkler system. A wet sprinkler system used in these environments exposes the owner to frozen pipes and pipe breaks, which would render the system useless, putting building, property, and people at risk.

How does a Dry Sprinkler System Work?

Dry pipe sprinkler systems are so named because there isn’t any water in the pipes until the system needs to operate. Instead, a dry pipe system features closed-type sprinkler heads connected to pipes filled with pressurized air or nitrogen. The compressed air holds a remote valve, known as a dry pipe valve, in a closed position to prevent water from entering the pipe. When heat activates one or more sprinklers, the compressed air in the pipe is released, and its pressure decreases, opening the dry pipe valve and allowing water to flow through open sprinklers.

What is a Dry Sprinkler System- Keystone FireAdvantages of a Dry Fire Sprinkler System.

The first advantage is clearly the avoidance of frozen pipes and all the problems that could ensue there, as well as water leaks.

Secondly, each sprinkler in the system operates independently; a sprinkler won’t activate until its temperature threshold is reached. This is advantageous in protecting valuable assets because only the sprinklers necessary to subdue a fire will be activated. Owners don’t have to worry about sprinklers drenching assets throughout their entire building or areas where there was no fire present.

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