Top Security Systems for Office Spaces

Oct 17, 2022 | Security

You need to know you can trust your office security system. Security is vital, and these systems will help keep your employees, workers, or other employees in an area safe from harm. With a state-of-the-art security system in place, you will be well on your way towards increasing safety and security in your office. Here are a few of the top security systems for your office space: 

Fire Alarm Systems

This security system has sensors that trigger an alarm when smoke or fire is detected. These alarms are hardwired into your building’s power source and are triggered when the sensors detect a temperature change. The control panel for this type of alarm works with the building’s power source so that it will not lose power during a blackout. Some alarms work on batteries if the power goes out, but most will make noise to alert buildings in the area about any potential danger. They will also work with the local fire department to alert them of a possible emergency. An audible fire alarm is not enough on its own because the smoke from a fire impedes your ability to see, and breathing in smoke can cause respiratory issues. These alarms also work with visible strobe lights, even in smoke-filled areas.

Video Surveillance

This is one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-manage security systems for office spaces. By installing video surveillance, you can watch everything that occurs in any location within your office space or surrounding areas. The video feed is then stored on a hard drive to be viewed later in the case of a crime, such as burglary or assault. If your office space does not have a video surveillance, we offer professional security camera installation Easton, PA so you can better secure your office space. 

Motion Detection

These sensors are used to detect unwanted or aggressive intruders as well as emergencies such as flooding or rising temperatures. Sometimes they are connected directly to your alarm system, while others operate independently so you can use them during non-emergency situations. If a sensor picks up an intruder, it can trigger an alarm and alert you immediately so you can take appropriate action. These systems use different detection modes, including passive infrared that hears movement and ambient light sensors that are triggered when a door opens or closes.

Access Control

This system controls who is allowed into the facility. Employees will often swipe their cards to open doors and gain access. This process can be timed to limit access during certain times, depending on your company’s needs. If you’re using an electronic keypad, it can be programmed with a personal identification number that only allows certain people access. As an added security measure, some models can alert you if a person has entered or left through a door after hours or use biometric features such as fingerprints for identification and other dependable and easy to use. If you’re using a biometric system, it can be used to log in and out of your building, but thieves can also lift fingerprints from doorknobs, so taking additional security measures is crucial.

It is crucial to be proactive in protecting your company and the employees who work for you. Unfortunately, crime rates have been increasing at an alarming rate over the past few decades. It only makes sense that you must take measures to protect yourself and those employed by your business. Protect your office spaces with security systems and emergency alarm systems from Keystone Fire!


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