Top Fire Protection Measures For Schools

Feb 16, 2024 | Fire Protection System

The importance of student safety cannot be overstated. The top fire protection measures for schools include educating kids on how to prevent accidental blazes and what to do if a fire does break out. Additionally, schools can install equipment that will contain fires and keep students safe. For fire protection services in Lehigh County, PA, reach out to the experienced professionals at Keystone Fire and Security.

Start with School Fire Safety Education and Inspections

Fire drills and regular inspections are just two ways you can keep the hallways and classrooms of your school fire-free. Conduct scheduled and surprise drills each month to keep your elementary, middle school, or high school in a state of awareness. Drills should simulate real-life situations and account for those who need assistance exiting the building. For instance, you can pair disabled students with an adult or classmate (have a backup for each in case of absences).

Conduct inspections at different times of the day. Is anything blocking fire exits, doors, windows, or stairways? During your inspections, test windows and doors to ensure they open quickly and easily.

How Many Sprinklers Should You Have?

Work with your local authorities or fire department to ensure that your school has the appropriate number of fire alarms, sprinklers, detectors, and extinguishers. Additionally, these resources require periodic testing to ensure they are in working order. Keystone Fire and Security is one of the premier fire sprinkler companies in Berks County. We can test your sprinklers and other equipment, replacing outdated or damaged items.

Safety Zones, Maps, and Education

Enlist the help of your students by giving them the knowledge to stay calm and safe in case of a fire. Here are three ways to do that:

  • Create “Safe Zones” for each class so students know to meet once they leave a burning building. Teachers should ensure all their students are present and tell their classes to remain in the Safe Zone until they get the all clear sign.
  • Where should you place fire exit maps? Put one in each classroom and restroom and in the cafeteria. Each map should show multiple exit strategies in case a part of the building isn’t safe to enter.
  • Teach students “stop, drop and roll” to prevent burns if clothing catches fire. Additionally, they should touch door handles and avoid opening the door if the knob is hot.

Through prevention, planning, and practice, your school can teach students to stop a fire and get out of the building safely.

Fire Safety Equipment that Saves Lives

Consider installing a fire detection system and other equipment in your school to maximize safety. Fire safety products we offer that benefit students and staff members include:

  • Fire Detection System: These systems identify fires early enough to allow the safe evacuation of everyone in the building. They come in electronic and non-electronic versions to offer versatile protection even when the power goes out.
  • Fire Protection: Our fire protection systems look out for building occupants. Ask about active systems that include alarms that notify the authorities in the event of a fire and passive systems that include safe design elements that limit flammability.
  • Fire Suppression Systems: If you want to quickly control fires, fire sprinklers and non-water suppression equipment can help. Keep your kids safe with fire suppression equipment activated by heat and smoke.
  • Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs): Stay in touch with your staff. BDAs use in-building radio signals to ensure reliable, two-way communications for safety personnel.

Contact Our Fire Equipment and Safety Pros

A comprehensive fire safety strategy includes detection and suppression equipment as well as education for staff, students, and teachers. Let the experts at Keystone Fire and Security help you! Still have questions. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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