The Latest Modern Trends in Building Security

Oct 28, 2020 | News, Solutions

You may be wondering how a small business owner goes about choosing security systems for their place of work. While there are classic models for building security, it is always interesting to brush up on the latest trends in building security. Keeping up to date on technology in the building security realm can be both fascinating and incredibly helpful in determining practical applications.

One of the major trends in building security for 2020 is the utilization of biometrics for entry into buildings. Biometrics refers to the application of statistical analysis to biological data. In layman’s terms, this means using inherent biological traits like fingerprints and facial recognition to gain entry into buildings. We have seen this trend within the world of smartphone security and now we are seeing it more frequently in building entry access, as well. Whereas using facial scanning to enter a building was once a scene to be viewed in science fiction films, it is now a twenty-first-century reality. Biometrics are highly effective for maintaining building security as it is virtually impossible to replicate the biometrics of one’s face or to duplicate fingerprints exactly. Biometrics as a form of access control guarantees that only the specific individuals who have been granted admission to the building entrance or other secure areas are permitted to enter.

Another interesting trend that will arise this year is the usage of smartphones for unlocking business access points. In many ways, this is an extension of the usage of biometrics, as many smartphones in modern days require biometrics (facial recognition or fingerprint) to unlock the phone. This method usually requires that the owner of the smartphone scan the phone over a reading pad that is meant to either confirm or deny the identity of the individual seeking to gain access to the building. The only flaw in this trend is that if the smartphone is stolen, then it is still possible for the thief to then gain access to the individual’s place of work, as well. This is a flaw in this security trend that experts continue to work on. However, it is possible that if biometric entry and smartphone entry are combined, a sort of two-factor authentication, then the building security would be certainly ensured far more than if only one method were to be put into place.

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