The Importance of Having Quality Fire Alarms

Mar 27, 2020 | Fire Protection System

Property fires cause billions of dollars in damage every year. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there were at least 1,318,500 fires in 2018. This is the number of reported fires in the United States that were responded to by firefighters. Fires cause widespread death, injuries, and property damage across the nation. The best defense against fire danger is to install well-made, technologically advanced fire alarms in your business.

The Real Cost of a Property Fire

Being the victim of a fire can be a life-changing event. Not only can they cause loss of a loved one or serious injuries, but you may lose everything. If you experience a fire at your business, your source of income will be disrupted. Installing top-quality fire alarms won’t stop a fire, but they will alert you and your employees to the danger, so you can get out of the building quickly. Fire alarms should also alert the emergency responders immediately. Every second counts when it comes to putting out a fire and saving lives.

How Fire Alarms Keep You Safe

The technology involved in how fire alarms work gives them the ability to detect changes in the environment that indicate the presence of a fire, smoke, or heat. Your fire alarm should have a good optical detector that will detect smoke using infrared light sensors. An alternative to LED sensors is an ionization unit, which senses smoke particles in its chamber. You should have a scheduled appointment to have a fire alarm inspection in Montgomery County, PA to ensure your system is operating properly. We also serve surrounding areas, so do not hesitate to call for an inspection!

Fire Alarms Are More Than Just Smoke Detectors

While smoke detectors in every room are helpful, fire alarms are the winner when it comes to safety. Smoke detectors will sense when there’s a fire, but fire alarms will alert you and the fire department. and they can trigger the sprinkler system if needed. Fire alarms include an alert system, notification and response mechanism all in one to help keep you safe and stop the spread of the fire.

Quality and Service Is King When It Comes to Fire Alarms

Purchasing a responsive fire alarm system from a knowledgeable company is important. Before buying a fire alarm system for your business, it’s a smart idea to do your homework first. Find a company with a proven track record – like Keystone Fire Protection Co. – that won’t just sell you a fire alarm system, but also installs reputable fire alarms, performs inspections, schedules routine maintenance, and does emergency service and repairs to ensure the system works when it’s needed the most.


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