Should I Require Fire Safety Training For My Employees?

Oct 18, 2023 | Fire Safety Tips

If you’re a business owner, it’s important that your employees have training for their jobs. However, they also need certain other types of training that are essential for all workers. Even with all of the precautions we take and the many non-flammable materials we use, fires still happen. Your business may have things like sprinkler systems, but they may not be able to put out a serious fire. So that they’re ready for a fire in case it should ever happen, all of your employees should have fire safety training. When they get fire safety training in Philadelphia, workers can have a better chance of getting out of a fire and saving their lives. Don’t let your employees go without this essential training.

Knowing How to Get Out

One of the most important things to learn about fire safety is how to get out of the building as safely as possible. Getting through a building with a fire in it may be complicated, but it’s important to stay away from the fire as best you can. Employees need to know about all of the exits from the building and how to get to them in case of an emergency. They may also need to bend over or even get on the ground to avoid smoke as they are getting to an exit. Businesses should have their exits clearly marked, and there should be maps to the exits in different areas of the business. When people are trained in these techniques, it can make it easier to escape the building.

Another part of the exit strategy for employees is to learn how to make an organized, rapid space from the building. When everyone runs to the door at the same time, they may get caught in it and be unable to escape. Having someone who is in charge of fire evacuations can help. That person should be able to organize the employees so that they are all getting to the exits calmly and without pushing and shoving. This can make the evacuation more successful and help to avoid injuries like being crushed or stepped on.

Learn the Systems

There are various ways that businesses can protect employees against fires, and employees have to understand those methods. Every business needs to have multiple fire extinguishers. Employees need to know where they are, and just as importantly, how to use them. They should get the training they need to be able to use a fire extinguisher correctly. They also need to know how to use the fire alarm system in the building. There may be a lever that they need to pull to set off the alarm to let everyone know about the fire. With the right training, employees will know just what to do as soon as they hear the fire alarm or begin to see smoke or fire.

Employee Empowerment

It’s essential for all employees to have this training to empower them to get away from a fire. It’s a good idea to hold a fire drill every once in a while so you can be sure that the employees remember the exit strategy and how they can protect themselves from the smoke and fire. When a new employee is onboarded, part of their training should be what to do in case of a fire. They should become very familiar with the company’s exit strategy and be shown how to use a fire extinguisher and any other equipment that’s available.

When you want your employees to have fire training and fire protection services in Lehigh Valley, PA, get training from Keystone Fire and Security. The right training can keep your employees safer from the serious situation of a fire at work.


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