Securing Your School’s Campus During A Lockdown

Sep 28, 2023 | Security

In a world where anything can happen at any time, it is best to have an emergency plan to protect staff, faculty, students, and visitors. Various events can cause a crisis on a school’s campus, making it necessary to call for a school-wide lockdown. For example, if an armed intruder were spotted on campus, calling for a lockdown would reduce the risk of injury and death among those on campus during the emergency.

Working with access control specialists in Lehigh County, PA can help you develop effective lockdown procedures during a crisis. Continue reading for additional information about the steps involved in securing your school’s campus during a lockdown.

Before the Lockdown Order

It is best to determine all procedures regarding the lockdown before any emergency occurs. Some things to consider when developing a lockdown plan may include the following:

  • Where will people go
    • Choose the safest locations in the building
  • Assign responsibilities
    • Close and lock doors
    • Shut off lights
    • Close windows and blinds
  • Develop a communications plan
    • How will everyone be alerted of the lockdown?
    • What is the “All Clear” signal?

Shelter in Place

When there is a threat on campus, security often issues a shelter-in-place order. Shelter in place means you must remain where you are while doing everything possible to secure your location. Staying calm during a shelter-in-place order and following all instructions is vital. It may be tempting to look outside to check it out but resist the urge to do this. Campus security will inform everyone when the threat has been handled and it is safe to leave your location.

During the Lockdown

Inside a Building

The most important thing to do is to remain calm during an emergency. Everyone should calmly and quickly close and lock all doors entering their room. If possible, find items to block entry into the room. Close and lock all windows in the room and draw the blinds or close curtains.

Once the room is secured, turn off all the lights and hide somewhere out of view. The best thing to do is make the room look as empty as possible if someone were to look inside. Remember to turn off the sound on all electronic devices. Wait as quietly as possible for the all-clear from campus security.

Call 9-1-1 if an emergency transpires in the location where you are hiding during the lockdown. Remember to remain calm and if possible, find a secure and safe place to move to.


Being out in the open on campus can be scary when there is an immediate threat forcing the school to go on lockdown. Things to do if you are outside during a lockdown should include:

  • Seek cover in the closest unlocked structure
  • If there are no exterior doors open, continue moving away from the danger and find a place to hide
  • If needed, continue moving to other buildings, searching for shelter
  • Once inside, find an interior room and lock or barricade the door
  • Continue following the instructions listed above for what to do when inside a building during a lockdown

If you are in your car during the lockdown, immediately leave the campus and find a safe place to wait until the all-clear has been issued.

Secure Your Campus With Keystone Fire & Security 

In the event of a threat to the safety of staff, teachers, faculty, students, and visitors, the campus must have a lockdown plan. Check with your school for information about lockdown procedures. Companies like Keystone Fire & Security can help with lockdown procedures and offer perimeter motion detectors in Allentown, PA. Call us today to learn more about how we can help keep your campus safe and secure.


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